Missy Jubilee. Fukbook Tries to Fuk Me Once More

zuck1_283_356_c1 (SERVER's conflicted copy 2014-06-06).jpg

Facebook have banned me permanently because I would not out myself and give them my real name and address.

I have had two serious stalking events in the last 3 months. Not cyber stalking. Real stalking. If you haven’t been stalked, let me tell you it’s freaky.

Facebook is determined to deliver ‘real people’ to advertisers.

They couldn’t care less about personal safety

There is no appeal process. They just lock you out of your account until you do what they say. I am reminded of China, Iraq, Iran, Syria.

Well look at that, they banned this project too.

How curious.

What I am trying to do artistically makes personal safety the highest priority

I am not going to compromise Maxs’ and my security because Facebook advertisers value ‘real people’ to sell to. That’s you by the way.

So my message to you Mr Zuckerberg….

Fuck you with a broomstick you little weasel

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One Comment on “Missy Jubilee. Fukbook Tries to Fuk Me Once More”

  1. David
    November 24, 2014 at 7:23 pm #

    Zuckerberg is a facilatator of abuse and violence. His GOD the almightyt dollar is more important than people’s safety or privacy. If you want to have safety and privacy, then don’t go to Facebook is his standard

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