Psycho Sexual


Pyscho Sexual
Background Writing

Life Is Poetry

“You’ll Turn Out Ordinary If You’re Not Careful”
(Ann Brashares)

As Part Of The Plea Bargaining
For The Upcoming Trial
It Was Suggested By My Lawyers
That I See The Best In The Field
Of Broken Brains

A Clinical Neuropsychologist
With Word Salad After Her Name

B.Sc (Hons), M.Sc, Maps, Mccn
To Be Precise

If You Have Seen The Episode ‘Mask’d’
You Would Know
About Some Of My Experiences
With Gurus
And Their Pill Pushing

Trust Her They Said
You Have To Work
To Make It Work
And It Will Look Good For The Court

I Had One 60 Min Session With Her
Two Weeks Ago

Today At 2pm
I Received A Letter From Dr. Word Salad

It Read:

Dear Missy,

I Am Writing To You
Following On From Our Session On 5/11/2014

Thank You For Your Openness And Honesty
In Discussing The Challenges That Face You

I Appreciate That It Is Not Easy
To Discuss Such Personal Matters
With A Complete Stranger

Upon Reflection
I Do Not Believe That I Am Able
To Provide The Level Of Expert Assistance
That You Need

I Would Like To Suggest That
You Contact Another Professional In The Field
To Address Your Issues

I Enclose My Invoice For Our Session

I Wish You Well

Dr. Mrs. Clinical Neuropsychologist
With Word Salad After Her Name

I Don’t Breathe Right
I Don’t Eat Right
I Don’t Sleep Right
I Can’t Even Go To A Clinical Neuropsychologist Right

I’m Told Being Normal Is Easy
Although It Makes Me A Little Queezy
But Christ On A Bike
Sometimes I Want To Vomit
On The Psychiatric Profession

I Do Object To The Way They Are
A Little Teensy Weensy Bit Condescending
At Times

On The Positive Side
I Do Not Feel I Will Run Out Of
“Life” Experiences
To Write About
Any time Soon

Sometimes I Feel 30 Going On 150

Maybe Mid-life Is A Milestone
Not Measured By Time
But By ‘Life’ Experiences


Perhaps Someone Like Me
In Their Early Thirties
Could Have Lived An Approximation
Of Half A Life
In Less Than Half A Life
If My Feedback Loop
Had Journeyed The Miles Needed
To Perpetuate That Thought…


Perhaps It Is
Just That Nagging Thought
All Penned Livestock Dream
That The Grass Over There
Is So Much Greener And Tastier
Than The Brown Stuff They Serve Up

But Maybe
I Just Have To Get Comfortable
With The Brown Stuff
And Think
‘Its Just More Grass, Isn’t It?’

And Then Decide
If It’s Worth The Effort To Go Get It

I Load The Bullets
They Pull The Trigger

Is That Odd?
Or Cowardly?
I Can’t Decide

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger



My Childhood In The Third Person

When She Was Five
She Wanted To Be An Artist
One That Painted Pictures
Of People Being Happy

But Art Was Hard
Her Ideas Limited
And Happy People Were Scarce

But She Really Wanted To Help

So She Would Play Pretend With Her Cat
And Feed It Candy As Medicine
Like She Had Been Fed Medicine
Like Candy

How Did I End Up Being The Cat?

Yours, While Dishing Historical Slops
From My Self Flagellating Brain



At The Moment It Is Looking Like
If I Plead Guilty
I’ll Get A Section 10
Due To The Freakish Accidental Nature
Of The Assault


But No Conviction Recorded
And A Good Behaviour Bond

It’s An Adventure
But I’m Having A Few Too Many Adventures
At The Moment

Like A Submarine
I Have Set Myself To Silent Running

‘In The End
There Doesn’t Have To Be Anyone
Who Understands You,
There Just Has To Be Someone Who Wants To’
(Robert Bault)

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