The Otherside

Missy Jubilee. Otherside Remixxx
Music From The Film ‘Voyeur’
Background Writing
The Brief Is High Concept. Low Budget
Scene 2 Take 42
Not Fumbling. Stumbling
Away From The Cliffs Edge
With A Cosmic Caution From The Emo-Verse
My Life Has
Entered A Strange Duality
Hope About The Future
Fear About The Upcoming Trial
This Remix Is About
The Shit Half Of A One Sided Emotion
That Plays
Where Only The Subconscious Is Allowed To Run
With Regard To This Matter
Assault, Occasioning Grievous Bodily Harm
The Wrong Thing Happened
To The Right Girl
Subjective Conjecture
Rhetorical Questions
Are The Conversation Du Jour
Raw Emotion Is Now Graded On A Scale Of
Very Good
And No Comment
Hello My Name Is ___________
Who The Fuck Invited Consequence?
I Hate That Asshole
Does Soul Detangler Come In A Spray Or A Pump?
Must Add That To The Amazon Cart
“What If God Was One Of Us?
Just A Slob Like Us?
Just A Stranger On A Bus?
Trying To Make His Way Home”
(Eric Bazilian)
The God Of Consequence
At The Moment
God Is The Judicial System
Never Having Experienced It Before
You Seem To Be Treated Like A Muppet
But It Is
Muppetry Of The Intellectual Kind
From The Inside
It Seems Like A System
Designed By Sadistic Despots
The Federal Bureau Of Intellectual Muppetry
Has Decided That In 21 Days
I Shall Know What The Rest Of My Life Is Doing
Until Then, I Wait
It Is A Cliche
Surrounded By Facts
For A Person Who Forges Ahead
This Is A Sentence Worse Than Bars
So While I Wait
And While I Do
I Make Music
And Write
About What Is In My Head
“The Work You Do
While You Procrastinate
Is Probably The Work You Should Do
For The Rest Of Your Life”
(Jessica Hiscke)
This Remix
And This Background Writing
Is About
The Otherside
Of Sanity
The Otherside Of Me That Got Me Here
Channelled Correctly
It Is My Ace Up My Sleeve
Because Few People Think Like Me
Marketing Bullshitters Would Call It
A Competitive Advantage In The Art World
Channelled Incorrectly
It Is The Joker
And The Joke Is On Me
Because It Is
A Joke Told In Bad Taste
And Without A Punchline
To A Hostile Crowd
My Natural Defence Mechanism Here
Is To Apologise For Everything
But That Doesn’t Create Understanding
Just Pity
This Writing Is About The Learning
I Am Doing While Waiting
Acting As A Cursor
Moving Around My Screen Of Life
Clicking On All The Interesting Links
To Know Things I Didn’t Know
About Myself
But This I Know
I Am Calm
In A Way
Sitting On The Otherside
Of The Firewall Of Justice
If I Want To Be A Writer Of Importance
Not Popularity
Then This Is Manna From Heaven
Expectations Are Pre-Meditated Resentments
Right Now
I Am Caught In The Moment
Between Thought And Action
I Am Inside A Process
Not Stifled By Indecision
The Burning Anticipation Of What Is To Come
Once Waiting Finishes
It Sounds Like An Addiction
“Pour Yourself A Drink
Put On Some Lipstick
And Pull Your Shit Together”
(Liz Taylor)
In 1971
The Staples Singers Released A Song
With The Superficial-Sounding Title
Respect Yourself
The Message Of The Song Is Obvious From The Title
And You Don’t Need A Degree In Psychology
Or Mathematics
To Understand It
It Is Easy To Do
Just As Long As You Can Persuade Yourself
That You Deserve It
That Is The Hard Bit
I Have Come To The Realisation That
“Anything Is Hard To Find
When You Refuse To Open Your Eyes”
So Sang The Smiths In One Of Their Legendary Angst-Ridden Anthems
It Culminated With The Question
‘When Will You Accept Yourself?’
When I Stop Feeling Alone
Even Though I Am Not
When I Stop Feeling Cold
Even Though It’s Hot
I Am Adrift In Someone Else’s River
As It Flows To My Ocean Of Truth
While A Note
Rests In My Throat
I Want To Let It All Out
Not Shout
Just State
Here It Is
I Am
And Awed
By What Is Possible
Willing To Be Humble
But Will Not To Crumble
These Are The Words That Give My Mind
A Rest
Under The Weight Of
Selling This Soul
Sure It’s Been Sold
And Pigeon Holed
Rumours Abound
Grace Loses Face
It’s All Relative
To Giving A Fuck
Or Going Along
I Look Out The Window
Look Left
Look Right
And All I See Is A Meat Grinder
And I’m Trying Not To Be
The Sausage
Other Days Are
Like The Photo Essays On Our Weekend
Today Is Numbday
When My Head Is In Turmoil
There Is Actual Physical Change In My Body
Stress And My Body Don’t Mix
I Literally Have To Burn It Out Right
Through Fat Cells
Fuck It Though
It Could Be Worse
You Didn’t Need To Know All That
But Now You Do
See My Strained Smile?
My Otherside
I Don’t Take It Out On Anyone Overtly
Unless You Count My Retreat As A Violence
I Guess It Could Be
The Definition Of Psychosis (The Otherside)
Psychosis (From The Greek “Mind/Soul”, And “Abnormal Condition Or Derangement”)
Refers To An Abnormal Condition Of The Mind
And Is A Generic Psychiatric Term For A Mental State
Often Described As Involving A
“Loss Of Contact With Reality”
People Experiencing Psychosis May Exhibit
Some Personality Changes And Thought Disorder
Depending On Its Severity, This May Be Accompanied By
Unusual Or Bizarre Behaviour
Even Violence
As Well As Difficulty With Social Interaction
Psychosis May Involve Delusional Beliefs
Some Of Which Are Paranoid In Nature
Put Simply
Delusions Are False Beliefs That A Person Holds On To
Without Adequate Evidence
It Can Be Difficult To Change The Belief
Even With Evidence To The Contrary
Stress Is Known To Contribute To And Trigger Psychotic States
A History Of Psychologically Traumatic Events
And The Recent Experience Of A Stressful Event
Can Both Contribute To The Development Of Psychosis
Short-Lived Psychosis Triggered By Stress
Is Known As Brief Reactive Psychosis
And Patients May Spontaneously Recover Normal Functioning
Within Two Weeks
(Jauch, D. A.; William T. Carpenter, Feb 1988
“Reactive Psychosis. Journal Of Nervous And Mental Disease)
Causes Or Triggers Of Psychosis Can Include:
-Sleep Deprivation
-Sensory Deprivation
-Extremely Stressful Events
-Menstrual Psychosis, Including Circa-Menstrual (Approximately Monthly) Periodicity
-Nutritional Deficiency, Such As Vitamin B12 Deficiency
-Poisoning, By Therapeutic Drugs
Some Theories Believe It Is An Issue
Of Ownership
Of Internally Generated Thoughts
For Example
The Hearing Of Voices May Arise
From Internally Generated Speech
That Is Mislabeled By The Psychotic Person
As Coming From An External Source
A Research Study Of Out-Patients In Psychiatric Clinics
Found That 30 Per Cent Of Patients
Attributed The Cause Of Their Psychotic Symptoms
To Evil Spirits
“Men Ought To Know That From The Brain
Arise Our Pleasures, Joys, Laughter, And Jests
As Well As Our Sorrows, Pains, Griefs And Tears
It Is The Same Thing Which Makes Us Mad Or Delirious
Inspires Us With Dread And Fear
Brings Sleeplessness
Inopportune Mistakes
Aimless Anxieties
And Acts That Are Contrary To Common Sense”
(Hippocrates, 460 Bc – 370 Bc)
I Am Pissed With Suffering
My Decades Old Family Situation
Has Been Like A Concentration Camp
(Think Of The Meaning Of Concentration In Particular)
I Survived By Shutting Down
A Broken Mind Locked In A Safe
That I Never Had The Combination To
Now Is The Time For Opening Up
Deprogramming The Layers Of Perception
That Hold Me In Servitude To My Ignorance
I Am Not Pitiful
So Don’t Pity Me And The Voices
I Hear
Given The Current State Of The Sky
What’s One More Voice In My Head?
This Is A Rough Draft Onto A Dusty Page
Just Hitting Send As The Thoughts Pass
At Least The Diligent Scavengers Will Be
Able To Feast On The Leftovers
So Who Wants Cake?
Yours In Hip-Hop & Flip-Flops
While Rockin’ The Polka Dot
The Blind
Leading The Deaf
Leading The Criminally Insane
Forming Into A Strange
Asymmetric Psychological Infidelity
Who Would Have Thought
Running Naked
Through An Orchard Of Lightning
Would Make You Stop And Wish You Hadn’t?
“I Exist As I Am. That Is Enough”
(Walt Whitman)
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