Missy Jubilee. 041. Then. Full Transcript


Missy Jubilee. 041. Then. Full Transcript

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I Can’t Forget The Words You Never Said


 A Short Film By Missy Jubilee

Episode 41 Of 250 Of The Future Sex Love Art Projekt


The Post Pussification Of A Deviant Mind

20th September 2014 Home

I Went To A Very Dark Place Then

I Have Just Come Back Now

And I Made That Film Called This In Ten Minutes That’s About Back Then

I Understand Where I Went To A Moment In Time And I Lived In That Moment Again For A

Long Collection Of Moments Like I Have All My Life From The Inside Out

It Was A Tormented Moment Where My Brain Broke Way Back Then And The Universe

Cracked In Sympathy

Cause Why Try Any More With Your Brain All Broken Because You Didn’t Fight Back

Against The Shame

I Recognized I Had Seen It


This Place

Two Times Before Back Then

But This Time This Third Time I Fought Back Possessed Like I Didn’t Back Then

But You Walked In Front Of My Possession When I Asked My Mother To Take

Responsibility For Her Words When I Was 12

But She Wouldn’t And You Wouldn’t Because You Wouldn’t Be Her

And This Time It Wasn’t Going To Be Ok Again

I Wasn’t Going Down One More Time For The Rest Of My Life Alone Again

My Learned Patterns Rotting My Brain All This Time Ignited By The Sound Of An

Elephant’s Back Breaking With The Last Straw You Piled On

Waking A Butterfly In The Amazon And Chaos Theory Knocked On My Door

Hello Little Miss Insane She Said

A Delivery From Amazon Prime A Word For Your Ear

My Dear Just Some Of That Same Old Pain Again

Something Unfair Said Once Again Without The Touch Of Love Or Sympathy Or

Compassion By My Mother Through You To Me

That Broke Me That Time Then Back Then

So This Time Ii Had To Break Her Power Over Me To Live Again

So At Least We Would Have Pain In Common For The Rest Of Our Memories

I Came Back To Reality At Dusk Today

This Time 5.10pm Only Just Hit Me.



I Had Been On A Road Trip To Hell With My Doppelganger Again

But This Time Was Different Because I Made Noted And I Saw Everything While She Was

Fanning The Flame Of Her Insanity That Was Mine

I Left Breadcrumbs Reversed So I Know The Way Back In Time Without No More Wrong


I’m Rehearsed And Now Well Versed In The Knowledge That I Love You Because I Made

You Suffer

Like Me

And I Saw What I Had Done Because Your Pain Was Mine Asking One Question That I

Asked My Mother Again & Again

Why Are You Doing This To Me? Please?

I’m Sorry You Were My Hitcher In This Terrible Road Picture

So I Made A Pretty Upside Down One Instead

One Of Us Being Our Moment In Time And That Was This.

It’s The Opposite Of Then.

Because You Held My Hand And Didn’t Let Go Like The Rest

No Matter How Hard I Tried To Make You Break Like Me

Written One Hour After Coming Out Of A 48 Hour Psychotic Episode

20th September 2014

I Still Fight To Hold On. And Fight To Let Go.

But On This Day I Stopped Blaming Myself.

It Was An Unplanned Episode. Sometimes You Have To Flo With The Go

Transcript Provided By Bernie Glynn

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