Loose. Episode 43. Soundtrack

Loosey. A Short Film About Best Friends By Missy Jubilee. Soundtrack Release

‘I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends’

-John Lennon & Paul McCartney, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

An Anatomy Of My Best Friendship
1982. We Meet At Kindergarten
1982-2012. We Do Stuff Together
Nov 2013. I Am Her Bridesmaid
Feb 2014. All Communication Stops
July 2014. 2 Weeks Before My Birthday, I Get An E-mail. I Don’t Know How To Be Your Friend Anymore
August 2014 Onwards. Zero

Just Fucking Echoes
Bouncing Across The Friendship Valley

Was It This Project?
I’m Guessing So

The Direction Of Energy
Propels The Things I Believed Yesterday
Into Today

On The Matter Of Best Friends
Tomorrow Is Up Around The Bend
It Hangs In A Breeze
I Can’t Hear

You Were A Voice I Listened To For 30 Years
Now There Is No More Beads On That String

‘she Was Trying To Construct A Life That Made Sense From Things She Found In Gift Shops’

Silly Girl

I Am Frying
Not On Acid
Just On Overwhelmed
Or Underwhelmed
Something Whelmed

All Seems So Uphill Sometimes
And It Makes Me Fight Because I Don’t Want To Lose
What I Have Gained

Then You Realise
You’ve Gained Judgement
Not Respect
And Do You Really Need To Fight
For That?

I Think This Is What It Feels Like
At Base Camp No. 3 On Everest
This Seemed Like A Good Idea At 17,000 Feet
Why I’m Doing This Again?

I Over-react
My Fear Driven Drama Mama
Spanking My Arse
Till I Catch Myself Yelling At The Voices In My Head
Blaming Myself

This Is The Music Of That Moment
When Perceived Abandonment Happens
In My Life
This Is The Music I Make
When That Headspace Exists
In The Studio

It Does Not Lend Itself To Warnings Or Explanations
It Just Is

‘There Is No Beginning, No Middle, No End, No Suspense, No Moral, No Cause
How Nice To Feel Nothing, And Still Get Full Credit For Being Alive’
-Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse Five

People Around Me Ask
What Do I Think I’m Doing With My Life?
Why Am I Not A Dull Person
And An Opportunity To Make Babies?

The Answer I Came Up With Is Simply:

I Am A Girl

So What Does A Girl Do?

I Do What This Girl Does

What The Fuck Is That?

I Am
To Demonstrate
Through Art
There Is Nothing To Fear From Nudity

That Nudity In Itself
Is Not Shameful

That Nudity As A Metaphor
For Honest Emotional Nakedness
Is Not Shameful

That Human Sexuality Is Neither

Others Close To Me Feel Different
And They Are Making
Their Decisions
One By One
Ticking Any Or All Of The Boxes
1. Crime
2. Unusual
3. Shameful
4. You’re Just Fucking Weird

My Circle Of Trust
Has Reduced To Me
1 Dog
2 Cats
And A Black Mirror
I Look Into Every Night

‘She Looked Back. It Was So Human. So She Was Turned Into A Pillar Of Salt. So It Goes’
-The Story Of Lot

Facing That Mirror
I Can See
What I Am Doing

It Is Art For Arts Sake
It Is Art For Musics Sake
It Is Art For Films Sake
It Is Art For Maxs Sake
It Is Art For My Sake
It Is Art For Our Sake

It Is Art For Nobody Elses Sake

I Blame It On Hubris

Hubris (from Ancient Greek)
Means Pride Or Self-confidence, But
When It Offended The Gods Of Ancient Greece
It Was Usually Severely Punished

I Am Pro-anti-anti-hubristic Behaviour

I Just Wanted To State That For The Record
So There Are No Mis-understandings
Where I Stand On The Issue Of Hubris


That’s My Voice
In Your Head
At The End
Discussing When Everything Was Beautiful
And Nothing Hurt In My Childhood
It Is The First Time
We Have Ever Used It
My Real Voice
Not The Voices In My Head
You Know What I Mean

Don’t You?

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