‘You got a screw loose girl’


‘Me’ A photo by Max Jubilee

“Winds of change they blow in my direction” – Fitz & The Tantrums. Picking Up The Pieces

Loosey. A Film About Friendship By Missy Jubilee

Pre-Release Background Writing

Who Are You Really? I Ask That All The Time

I Am Missy Jubilee
I Deconstruct Myself On A Regular Basis
I Swing From Secrets That Shouldn’t Be Kept
I Am Flawed Beyond Belief
Broken, Perverted, Fucked In The Head

But In The End
The Worst People Could Say
In The Best Possible Way
I Am Different

I Am My Art
And I Am My Writing
For Better
Or Worse
It Is What It Is
And I’m Not What I’m Not
In The Abstract
It’s Not That Complicated

If You Wanted To Complicate It?

All Said In A Stern, Disapproving Voice:
What Would Your Mother Say?
Everyone Is So Ashamed Of You
You Filthy, Filthy Whore
Disgusting Pervert
Dirty Little Slut
How Dare You Flaunt Your Naked Body For The World To See
And Raunchily Unchaste

No-One In The Centre Of Town
Respects The Explorer
Until She Finds The Lost City
Then They All Want To Move There
And Buy Townhouses By The Beach

The Center Is Where Medium Lives
The Center Is Where The Least Amount
Of Movement
And Friction
The Center Is Everywhere
I Don’t Want To Be
All At Once

I Am Not A Centre Dweller
I Am A Machine That Searches
For Understanding

“All Veils And Misty. That Chill Divine. Goes On Forever. And We’re Leaving Broken Hearts Behind. Mystify. Mystify Me”
-Michael Hutchence. Mystify Me

Did I Hit The Right Person With The Chair?

It Would Be Fucked To Get Hit With A Chair
As A Result Of Poor Aim

Bad Aim Would Be Fucked

That Would Define Fucked
In The Dictionary Of Fucked

I Was Facing The Other Way
When I Flung The Chair
And Was Five Feet Away
Ironic That Someone Who Can’t Throw A Ball
Got Off Such A Perfect Shot
At Distance
Running Away

Just Lucky I Guess
Because I Think This Might Be What Saves Me
The Truth

But It Doesn’t Define The
Fucked Up Disappointment
I Have With Myself
For Letting It Happen

Shark Eyes Rolled Back
Running Away
Trying To Be
Absent In That Moment
No Longer In Control Of My Actions
Responsible For Them

Worst Interior World View


E-Mail Received During
The Darkest Time
Since This Happened

“I Know How Crazy This Sounds But Here It Is Anyway
I Can’t See You
I Can’t Feel You
All Of My Senses Have Been Deprived Of You
This Sounds Like Some Metaphysical Bullshit
But Until Now I Could Feel Your Presence In The Universe
I Don’t Believe In That Kind Of Stuff
But I Also Don’t Know How Or Why I Feel It.
I Don’t Know Where You Have Gone
But You Are So Far Away
It’s Like You Don’t Exist Anymore

I Pray To Anything That Will Listen That You Are Not Dead
Please Don’t Be Dead. Please”

Forever Is A Long Time To Be Guilty
It’s Also A Long Time To Be Dead

I Did Not Exist For 4 Days
I Was Not Dead
My Spirit Was Absent From This Universe

But I’m Back. Doing What I Do
Asking Myself Questions
Trying To Figure Out Better Answers

Acts Of Violence Part 1

I Was Thinking How They Shaped Me

I Walk Around With My Fists Clenched
It Is A Given
That I Need To Be Ready All The Time
The Fear Of An Abandonment Bushwhacking
Hiding Behind Every
Seemingly Happy

For My Abandoned Hurt Child
Communication Is Not A Strong Suite

Anger Is

That Abandoned Hurt Child
Needs To Be Left In The Corner
And Ignored For A Bit
Acts Of Violence Part 2


Sub Section: Stare Downs

Pure Evil Radiates
From My Eyeballs In That Mode
Survival Skills Such As
A Muthafucka Look
Not That I Ever Apologize For That Complexion
Too Many Self Inflicted Scars
To Buy The Face Of A
Privileged Paranoid Passive Honkey

There Is No Way
You Will Find My Corpse
With Its Hands Tied
Behind Its Back

When You Find My Corpse
There Will Be Carnage
I Will Have Put Up A Fight

This Is Something I Know


Acts Of Violence Part 3

Sub Section: Violence Of The Emotional Kind

Who To Trust
If The Self Idea Is Up For Question
What And Where To Anchor

The Self As Explorer
One Who Can
Pick Up On The Principle
Of Being Ok
And Forge Ahead

I Believe
My Process Is Good And Worthy
And It Will Flower

I Want To Believe
I Have
Mad Skillz For Making Good Thingz
Not Destroying Everything

But I Do Have
A Damnable Sense Of Perspective
That Will Not Go Away

It Is Nothing But A Silver Lining

I Fucked Up

I Will Ride This
Until It Is Behind Me


Watching Me
Instead Of Stalking Me

Will Haunt Me Forever
That Is Not Negotible

But More Importantly
Will Change Me
‘No Light’

You Are The Silence In Between
What I Thought And What I Said

You Are The Night Time Fear
You Are The Morning When It’s Clear
When It’s Over You’re The Start

No Light, No Light
In Your Bright Blue Eyes
I Never Knew Daylight Could Be So Violent
A Revelation In The Light Of Day
You Can’t Choose What Stays And What Fades Away

No Light
Tell Me What You Want Me To Say

Through The Crowd, I Was Crying Out
And In Your Place There Are A Thousand Other Faces
I Was Disappearing In Plain Sight
Heaven Help Me, I Need To Make It Right

You Want A Revelation
You Wanna Get It Right
But It’s A Conversation
You Just Can’t Have Tonight
Because I Need To Have It
With Myself

Would You Need Me
If I Told You What I’ve Become?
And Ticked All The Boxes?
Cause It’s So Easy
To Say It To A Crowd.
But It’s So Hard
To Say It To You

Adapted Lyrics Of No Light, No Light
By Florence & The Machine

There Is Light Now Where There Was No Light

I Can Intellectualize
The Ins And Outs
And I Work Really Hard
To Get The Positives In

I Am Grateful I Have The Things I Have
To Sort Out
I Am Changing
But Most Importantly
For The Better

I Can See How I Can Be The Person
I Always Dreamed Of Being
I Can See Hope For Me

For Fuck Sake
With All The Feeling Shit
Get Back To Science

Long Story Short
I Have Realised That
I Am On The Periodic Table Of Elements

I Am……
The Element Of Ok

Sign On The Dotted Line They Said

Its A Haul
But I Believe
The Road To Losing Your Mind
Is Worth It
If You Can Hold On
And Find The Mind You Lost

The Universe Has Collided Perfectly
For A Moment
To Allow Me To See
What I Would Never
Have Seen

I Have To Be My Story
Because I Am

Sun Be Shining On Motherfuckers
Things Will Change
Just Don’t Be Paranoid
They Are Not Coming To Get Me

Prince Edmund:
They’re Coming!
They’re Coming!
Run For The Hills!

No, My Lord!
They’re Coming From The Hills!
They’re Coming From The Hills!

Prince Edmund:
Run Away From The Hills!
Run Away From The Hills!
If You See The Hills, Go The Other Way!


The Hills Are Sequential
So The Holes Between Them
Need To Be Filled


One Thing At A Time


Spell Check (muthafucka is so a word Microsoft)





P.S. The Charges Look Like They May Be Downgraded

I Am Not Counting Eggs, Or Roosters, Or Whatever You’re Not Supposed To Count

Let’s Just Say, The Worse Case Scenario May Not Be The Most Likely

I Have One Person To Thank For That

You Know Who You Are

Thank You For Your Loyalty

Thank You For Believing In Me


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