Episode 42 Sunshine

1.-Missy-Jubilee.-042. Sunshine NSFW

Episode 42 Sunshine

Pre-Release Review


Password: Boom


Background briefing as a poem


So Here We Are

In Another Heated

One Sided Conversation


I Began This Project As An Investigation

To Turn Silences Into Words

What Was Unutterable, Into Vision

To Make My Whirling World Stand Still

For A Moment Each Film


This Is A Moment In The Sun


My Happiness Is A Chemical

Called Sunshine


Form & Function

Strength & Weakness

In One Easy To Swallow Pill


This Is My Sex

In My Mind

Taken To Extremes

Tweaked To Outrageous Lengths

In The Moment

Every Word

Every Thought

Every Breath

And Then

Cursed With A Cloud Of Pain

And I Alone Am Its Translator



To Give Voice To This Nakedness
Of Soul
And Refusal Of Need
I Could Put The Knife To Flesh
I Could Cuddle With
The Angel Of Death

While Taking Life

Trying to find

The Fuckin Reason It All Went Wrong

Looking For An Answer

Banging The Gong


I Can Talk Philosophy

Theology, Sociology,


But I Can’t Truthfully

Explain My Emotions


The Fear Of Just Saying

Exactly What You Feel.

I Feel


Is There Some Reason

I Can’t Speak

Are You Like Me

Afraid To Exhale


What Do I Feel

What Is It That Years Of Education

Cannot Seem To Explain


Is It That

The Rarest Thing To Be

Is A True Artist Of Your Own Mind?


A Wise Old Woman Once Told Me

Much Weight Shall You Lift My Child

I Asked

What Should I Do

What Steps Should I Take

When Trouble Comes My Way


Big Steps Kiddo

Big Fuckers In The Opposite Direction

I Paraphrase Of Course


Since A Whole Lot Of Trouble Seems To Radiate

From Me

It Begs The Question

Where To Now With This

If The Trouble Is Inside

The Zip Be



A Brain Box Full Of Tools

A Policy Of Truth

But A Drain To Watch






This. Then. Hurt


Sometimes I Think My Happy Face Is My

I Am Just Managing To Hold My Shit Together Face




I Feel The Need To Sing A New Song

Quit Caring About

What The Grass

Says To The Tree


There Is Much To Be Said For

Distraction Technique


It Is Useful When Two Year Olds Throw Tantrums

It Is Useful When Life Goes Wrong

Shirt Sleeves Rolled Up

Elbows Going Like A Fiddler


I Think I See Another Film

At The Fork In The Road

Leading To The Beach

Named Hypocrisy

In My Past


At The Beach

I Am

Laying Alongside

Everyday People

People Shamed Into

Chasing Their Own

Moby Dicks

By Polite Society


Over Riding The Ever Beckoning

Wooo Hoo Look At Me

Aren’t I Just Grand

That I Seem

Cursed With



I Don’t Believe People

Are As Fulfilled And Happy

As Their Mr/Mrs Happy Face

Portrays Them To Be


Just Enough To Prevent

Any Significant Revolution Of Thought


And Then I Remember

The Ocean Is To Drink From

To Sustain Life

Not Drown In

Which I Seem So Good At



On The Beach

But Off The Tracks



Ain’t Interested In

Who Is To Blame



Don’t Give A Damn

For A Sorrow Called Shame



Sucker Is Hip

Hip To My Game


The Taste Of My Flirtation

The Smell Of My Craving



Sees My Life In Slices

Of Three Seconds


I Wonder If I Am A Goldfish

On The Beach Of Life

Teeter Tottering In The Fool Zone

In My Own Way
Under Own Steam
Trippin Over Moonbeams
Comin Loose At The Seams
This Is Free Writing Somewhat

Writing My Way Out Of

A Universal Paramount Disney Like Production

Process Is Revelation

Only A Faint Line

Through A Genuine Mistake

If Such A Thing Exists


I Hope It Is Honest

I Won’t Read It Before I Send


Hit Send Chickenshit

Bukowski Said


So There It Goes Charlie Boy

At Least I’m Not Chickenshit


“True Alchemy Lies In This Formula: ‘Your Memory And Your Senses Are But The Nourishment Of Your Creative Impulse’.”
― Arthur RimbaudIlluminations

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