In their search for increasingly harder -cores, the porn industry has pioneered hundreds of techniques in the photography of human genitals, from Hustler’s “pink-shots” to the now-standard penetration close-up. But for all their perversion, smut peddlers have never able to match the clinical kinkiness of scientists, who, like Trent Reznor, want to feel you from the inside.

The extent of that curiosity is perhaps best illustrated by the above (sorta gnarly) video released by Vox last week, which compiles footage of all the things researchers convinced people to do in MRI machines, from kissing, to fucking, to giving birth. The results are pretty unreal, and raise a number of questions, most notably, “Can two people even bone in an MRI”?

In fact, finding out if people could bone in an MRI was one of the central goals of Amsterdam’s Dr. Pek van Andel, who confirmed to Gawker that the penetration animation came from his research. As his 1999 paper “Magnetic resonance imaging of male and female genitals during coitus and female sexual arousal” showed, not only is inter-MRI intercourse feasible, it lookstotally weird.

Among the study’s unexpected findings was the fact that the penis actually has a “boomerang” shape during missionary sex, a discovery that earned Van Andel the satirical Ig Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2000.