Hurt. Episode 42. Pre-release Script


Episode 42: Hurt
Long Title: I Hurt Myself Today. And I Became A Cliche
Strapline: To Be A Creator. Not A Destroyer
By: Missy Jubilee

Long Form Treatment. Pre-release Script

Writing On This Episode Started 5.50pm 11th October
Finished At 12.03am 12th October 2014
Six Hours Of Post Psychosis Clarity Blues


Fuck This
This Missy That I Am
This Recovering Missyholic
This Missy Monkey On My Back
Or Human.
With What Drips From The Brain
As Blood

I Always Thought
Putting Your Shit On Blast
Too Intimate
To Say Out Loud
Too Personal
Like I

Hard Episode To Read
Hard Episode To Write
I Am Ashamed
To Have To Document This War Within
And Wear Tragedy
As Armour

But To Avoid It Would Be
Intellectually Dishonest
I Will Not Allow
To Become
A Cliche Collection
Of Self Serving Tidbits

You Know All That Beach Stuff?
That Was Fun
A Little Naughty Granted
But Don’t Ever Think I Didn’t Enjoy Most Of It
For All Those Years

This Is Something Different
This Is Not Fun
This Is Going Through
While Being

To Paint
Nice Things With Fear
Is A Neccessary Skill
In My Skin
Does Anyone Even Send
Postcards Anymore

It Happened
It Is My Reality Now
It Was Not Like Anything Else Before
It Is A Scary And A Marked Escalation

I Must Be Getting Close To Something
Something Is Threatened
By A Few Keystrokes
Of Reality
Woken By Knocking Loose
Pixellated Memories

It Has Hidden Behind
Black Holes
For A Long Time
And It Is Angry When Disturbed
Hellaciously so

Like Crack Or Smack Or Crank
Only Worse
You Are
The Best Dangerous Drug
In My Neighbourhood
You Are Cheap
And Pretty

To Get Me To Talk
Max And I
Elaborate Narrative Mechanisms
To Distance Me
The Emotional Shut Down

This Is One,
As Raw Emotional Meat
Is The Enemy
Of My State

I Thought About Writing This Episode
As A Q&A Between Myself
And A Typical Psychiatrist
But I Realised
I Would Then Hide Behind Sarcasm
Like I Always Did

Then I Thought
Why Not Invent The Perfect Psychiatrist
I Have A Piece Of Paper
I Have A Pen
I Can Do This

My Ideal Psychiatrist
This Person Knows Everything About Me
They Know My Tricks
They Ask Good Questions
I Respect Them And Their Opinion
They Don’t Just Want To Give Me Drugs
Or Put Me In A Convenient Niche

They Don’t Want To Tell Me How Good
They Are
At What They Do
Or Their Solutions To My Life
After An Hours Discussion
Or $500 Dollars
Whichever Comes First
And Last

Most Importantly
They Believe I Have All The Answers
And They Want Me To Work It Out
Because That Will Make Me Stronger
And They See Their Greatest Value
As Asking The Right Questions
To Unlock Whatever Needs Unlocking

That’s My Ideal Psychiatrist.
Let’s Picture Her As My Grandmother

Being Alone In This
That Breaks
And Screams
At The Only Person
Who Really Wants To Help
The Only Person Who Can Help
I Demand
I Scream You Away
I’ve Got Two Ears
And One Mind
I Feel A Little
Outgunned Here
Only A Grandmother Could Love This
Not Even A Mother

My Grandmother Stella Was Very Kind.
And She Never Had To Have All The Answers.
She Was Graceful. And Non-Judgemental
I Feel Those Are Two Important Qualities I Seek In Others
I Think Her Voice
Is The Very Kind, Rational And Considered Voice
I Hear In My Head

This Is A Discussion Between My Ideal Psychiatrist
Played By My Dead Grandmother
Before She Was Certified As Insane And Was Lobotomised
And Me
To Explain Some Craziness
What Just Happened

I Know
Surreal To Just Think About It
Do Normal People Have These Sort Of Conversations In Their Head?
I Think I Might Be A Bit Special

Who Do You Think Invented
What You See
Little Chikadee?

Stella: Hello Dear
Missy: You Shouldn’t Call Me Dear. Pretend You Don’t Know Me
Stella: I’m Sorry Dear. Should I Call You Missy?
Missy: Sure Gran
Stella: It’s Very Strange Because I’ve Never Called You That
Missy: Gran. Focus

Stella: Sorry Dear. Sorry. Missy. What Happened Darling?
M: I Had Another Event
Second Time In Three Weeks
This Was Worse
Much Worse
Not A Rumble In The Jungle
More A Jumble In The Jungle
S: Why?
M: It Went For 4 Days
It Started Monday 10am
And Finished Friday Morning 4am
S: How Did It Finish?
M: I Stabbed Myself In The Left Wrist With Scissors
Fortunately. Or Unfortunately,
I Missed All The Major Veins

S: Have You Ever Done This Before Sweetheart?
M: Never
I’ve Thought About It. But I’ve Never Done It.
S: Darling. This Is Scaring Me. I Don’t Know What To Ask
M: Ask What Worries Me The Most About This
S: Darling I’m Sure Sure I Can Hear This
M: I Am Not In Complete Control Of My Actions
I’ve Never Tried To Kill Myself
But I’ve Thought About It
Does This Event Mean That That Is Possible Too?

Someone Once Wrote Me Something
That Really Scared Me
They Asked
‘Is This Project One Long Suicide Note’
I Realised I Didn’t Know The Answer
To That Question

What Did They See
That I Didn’t See
In My Sentences
Were They Reading
My Doppelgangers

S: Do You Want To Die Sweetheart?
M: No. But I Didn’t Think I Wanted To Stab Myself
In The Wrist With Scissors At 4am
Before Friday Morning

I Am Sane Enough To Know
That I Did This To Myself
I Am Insightful Enough To Know
That I Was
Not Conciously present

Someone Was There
Not This

S: Do You Know Why It Happened?
M: I Feel Like I Can Make An Educated Guess
I Saw Something Clearly
Because Of Some Words
Last Week
S: What Were They Dear? Sorry. Missy
M: That’s Ok Gran. You Can Just Be Gran.
It Was A Paragraph That Read

You Are Factured
And Now Multi-Dimensional
And It Is Truth
That Is Starting To Seep In To All Of You
And With It Comes
A Whole Host
Of Seemingly Unconnected Sequences Of Memories
That Will
At One Time Or Another
Begin To Register In Your
Human Manifestation

M: First. I Thought. Stoner. Definitely
Then I Realised That
It Was A Photo Negative
Of What I Was Seeing
Refracted Visual Memories
Have Started To Come From
All Directions

S: How Did This Start?
M: On Sunday, My Brain Seemed To Go Through
A Chemical Imbalance
On Monday Morning, Max Said Something That I Took As
An Accusation
My Brain Processed A Fuck Ton Of Artisinal No Limits Crazy
A Big Eyeball Full Of Road Maps
And Party Balloons
Weird Shit For A Road Trip
There Was A Little Me In Each Ballon

All The Way To That Door
The Door At The End Of The Hall
Mortality Meet Missy
Hello Little Girl
Hold My Hand
Don’t Let Go

This Last Period Of Descent
Started With The Perception
Of An Unjust Accusation
From Max
Which Sent Me To A Place
Where I Have No Voice
It’s Caught In The Lump
The Size Of A Volcano
In My Childs

S: What Happened?
M: A Memory Was Knocked Loose Into My View
A Memory Of My Parents Screaming At Me
For Wetting The Bed
I Think I Was Three
I Was Lying On The Bed In The Foetal Position
Fuck, Fuck, Triple Dick Fuck

S: What Else Did You Remember?
M: I Remembered My Mother
Then Crying
Then Being

She Was A Too-Far-Away Bitch
A Perfect-Answer-To-Everything-Bitch
So I’ll Become Missy Don’t-Care-Bitch
How Does That Feel

S: Go On Dear
M: I Can’t Be Absolutely Sure Of This Memory
But I Think I Would Say I’m 90%.
I Have A Memory
Of Being Rolled Up In The Soiled Bed
By My Father
And Being Told I Was Being Punished

S: Sweetheart. Do You Think Max Could Step In And Do This
I’m Not Sure I’m Able To Handle This
Missy: Sure Gran. No Problem. I Understand. Thank You
Stella: I Love You Darling. Please Don’t Hurt Yourself
Missy: I’ll Try Gran
Thank You
I Love You

Through My Mind
They Were The Only Words
I Heard From Now
And They Wove
Now Into Then

Max: What Up Bitch
Missy: Who Are You Supposed To Be?
Max: The Breaking Bad Psychairtrist
Missy: What The Fuck Are You Talking About?
Max: You Said I Could Be My Ideal Psychairtrist
Missy: I Said My Ideal Psychairtrist. Not Your’s.
Max: Are You Sure?
Missy: Reasonably
But Given What Has Happened, Let’s Just Move On

Max: So Who Do You Want Me To Be?
Missy: Just Be You
Be A Psychairtrist
Ask Hard Uncomfortable Questions
I Am Your Client
Start The Meter
Max: Ok. I Think I Could Do That.
Meter Started
1. Soiled Bed
2. You Inside Said Bed
3. Your Mother Screaming
Missy: I Remember Thinking A Number Of Things
Max: Go
Missy: Chill Dude
Max: I’m Chilled
Memories While Wrapped In A Wet Mattress
1. Why Are You Screaming At Me?
2. I Don’t Know Why I Wet The Bed
3. I Didn’t Want To Wet The Bed
4. I Remember The Words ‘Pathetic’ & Disgusting Being Used To Describe Me

I’ll Fight This Time
I’ll Ask In Reasonable Tone
I’ll Be What Is Right
And Good
And I’ll Ask And Ask Until They

Missy: I Think A Personality Was Born In That Moment
The Personality That Just Wanted Her To Stop
For Gods Sake Stop
I’m Scared
You Are Scaring Me
This Has To Stop

This Personality Was Born
With A Thought
‘If You Won’t Stop, I’ll Make You Stop’

The Murder Of A Child’s Mind

Max: How Did You Imagine Stopping Her?
Missy: By Fighting Back Against Her
By Stabbing Her

But I Never Seriously Considered It
I Just Remember It As
The Slightest Thought
But Given What Happened
Friday Morning
I Think It Is More Significant
I Think That Personality
Has Grown Larger Over The Years
As An Overpowering Defense Mechanism

Max: Go On
Missy: It’s The Personality That Protected Me From My Parents
It’s The Personality That Protected Me For Years
On The Streets
With A Vicious Insane Temper
But It Has Got Me Out Of Situations
You Know

I Thought It Was My Protector
My Invisible Shield
My Own Personal Super Hero App
It’s Just A Matinee Screen
In Black

When The Bed Wetting Memory Surfaced
That Personality Took Hold
And It Flicked The Player
To Repeat Replay For
The Next Trillion Years, Or 4 Days
Depending On Heads Or Tails
And It Was My Flip

It Raged Fully
At The Injustice
Because It Wasn’t
My Fault
And I Wasn’t Going
To Be Scared Any

This Was The Exact Opposite Of
This Was A Suicide Vest
As A Personality
but without the cause

For The First Time
I Saw This
Part Of Me
Was Out Of Control

No Brakes
No Conscience
Drive It Like
You Stole It
Cause I Did
And I Had
No Intention Of Returning
this anger
Anytime Soon
Past. Present. Or Future

And For The First Time I Yelled To It
In The Shouty Voice I Didn’t Have
Yo. Homeboy
I’ve Been Taking Stock
And Feeling Uncomfortable
This Has To Stop
This Isn’t Fixing Nothing
It’s You
That’s Stopping Me
Stopping You

Max: And….
Missy: It Turned On Me
Max: And
Missy: Next Thing There Is Blood Everywhere
Holes In My Wrist
And I Was Screaming

Max: What Has Your First Thought After That?
Missy: I Have Parrallel Universe Moments
Of Complete Clarity
As An Detached Observer
Where Five Minutes Of Thinking Gets Done
In A Microsecond
In That Micro-Second
I Remember Part Of Me Thinking
I Wonder If It Was Going For My Hands
To Stop Me Writing
But Missed
And If So
Thank God You Fumbled
And Stumbled

Max: Do You Remember Thinking Anything Else?
Missy: It Could Have Been A Warning Shot
Next Time Bitch
Next Time I Won’t Miss
You’re Warned
This Stops
Touch Fingertips
To Lips
On Bended Knees
And I’ll Show You
What an
An Emotional
looks like
from the inside

Max: So Give Me The Sequence Of Events Here
1. You Say Something Which I Percieve As An Accusation
2. I Have A Memory Of Bed Wetting
3. I Get Angry For 4 Days Brain-Locked In The Memory
4. Then At 4am On The 4th Day
I Stab Myself Repeatedly In The Wrist
With A Pair Of Scissors

I Had A Dream
Saw Myself Opening My Eyes
Before Me I Had A Wall
Of Moving Mouths
Saying Many Different Things
But All The Same
In Many Strange Tongues
Laughter is the universal language
Is She Wetting Her

Max: You And I Know You Left One Final Thing Out
Missy: On Friday Night After Harming Myself
I Wet The Bed, But…
Woke Up
Right In The Middle
And Stopped Myself
I Have Never Done That Before

Max: Is This Still Happening?
Missy: It Stopped When I Was About 7
I Remember My Parents
Always Yelling At Me
For Wetting The Bed

I Used To Wet Myself
In Class
In Grade One
It Seemed To Happen
For A Long Time

Then It Stopped

However, I Have Wet The Bed Twice
In The Last 12 Months
since starting this project
While Recovering Memories
While Asleep

This Time Was The First Time
I Have Ever Been Able To Stop It
Like lightning struck my head

Max: Do You Know Why?
Missy: Not Conclusively
But I Remember The Words That I Thought
When The Peeing Stopped
You Don’t Have Control Over Me Anymore

Things I know
There Some People Who Know Who They Are
And Why They Do
What They Do
No Long Explanations
Or False Accusations
Like Me
Have No Clue
We Reign
In A Kingdom Of

Max: How Does The Stabbing Yourself With Scissors Fit In Here
Missy: My Best Guess Is..
The Personality That Was Born
With The Thought Of Stopping My Mother By Stabbing Her
In Turn
Turned On Me
Anti-Body Attacks Host
Trying To Get Me To Stop This Biological Process
Of Reducing My Past’s

The More I Dig
The More Exposed This Persona Is
And It Doesn’t Like It
Especially The Last 3 Weeks
There Is Violent Opposition
In The Hidden Memories

I Think I Created
This Persona To Protect Me,
But Now It Seeks Control
At All Costs
And it’s starting to cost a lot

It Doesn’t Want Me Fixed
It Doesn’t Want Me Stable
If I’m In Control, It Is Not In Control.
For My Doppelganger
That Is Sub-Optimally

Max: So How Does This Relate To The Bed Wetting
Missy: I Looked The Doppelganger In The Eye
Before I Woke
It Told Me Something It Didn’t Say
That Power Lies In Anonymity
And You Don’t Have That

Fucked You Up
This Time
Not Me
I Can See You Now
And You’re Not My Friend
You Just Overplayed Your Hand
I Need To Leave You On The Doorstep
Of Humility
With Your

It Will Not Go Quietly
It Will Be A Long
The Practice Of Discerning
A New Truth
Goes Hand In Hand
With Discerning What Is
A Long Held

My Disinclination To Adhere
To The Obvious Is Something
I Do
To Protect The Fear
I Don’t Want To Lose
Even If It Is Killing

I Saw The Start Of Its
The Bed Wetting
I Took Control
By Taking
The Force Of The
Just This Once

Maybe They Listened
Just This

I’ve Got Scars
That Don’t Glorify
I Know Where
I Can’t Go

That’s More Important
Than Knowing Where You’re Going
Any Place Is Better
Than Making It Through The Tunnel
And Not Sticking The Landing

Max: Don’t Do That Shit Again. Ok?
Missy: I’ll Try

3 Days Later

I Realise
What I’ve Done
And Who I Am
How Raw My Heed
How Weak My Need
Violence Will Take My Hand
To Stab The Need Away
To Kill This Need
To Kill This Weakness
To Not Need
Or Anyone
This Is My Monster
Of Need

It Is In Me
That Keeps You Distant
Away From Close To Me
I Am Pathetic
And I Am Ashamed Of That
Sometimes I Am Nothing
But Burning

I Am Now
Away From The Paved Roads
Looking For Another Route
Documenting The Making Of A
Can You Smell The Trail Of Escapism

I Don’t Believe In Miracles
But In Do Believe In
Events That Defy Logic
And This
Was One Of Them

This Has Been A Missy Jubilee Film
We Care So You Don’t Have To
Comes With Free Head Tilted Smiles &
Psychological Crack Cocaine

And Now
Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Abyss

I Hate The Smell
Of Burning Need
In The Morning

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2 Comments on “Hurt. Episode 42. Pre-release Script”

  1. David Miller
    October 13, 2014 at 5:36 pm #

    Yes. And add some music that sticks its hand up your ass and forces you to dance.

  2. David Miller
    October 13, 2014 at 9:42 pm #

    it seriously hurts to see you cry

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