Then. SFW Version

So this is Then. But safe for work.

*I ask myself if this is a cop out.
*I wait for a reply (that’s me with the *)
*Whoever I’m asking is very reflective today.

No. They. She. Says. It’s a badge of honour (I don’t know who the person without the * is)

*Whatttt?? How so? (questioning the person who I’m not sure who is)

It’s being subversive. You’re like a good terrorist. They answer.

*That sentence probably got me on a watch list. Hello NSA. It’s sad that that sentence is ironic. And acceptable. Like. NSA meh.

It’s like going into enemy territory the voice continues.

*What is enemy territory?

The territory where your art gets banned

*oh. Yeah. That’s not good territory. That’s a whole fuck load of territory. We just got banned from Daily Motion. How do you get banned from Daily Motion?. Have you seen some of their stuff?

If you believed the vision is just dressing for the words, you would dress the words differently, and send your Trojan horse in with your words all dressed up fancy in MTV-like acceptable vision.

*are you saying these SFW versions could be like a gateway drug to truthful sexuality? It could draw people into the bad part of town? Like rich white college students shopping for meth in Tijuana?

I possibly wouldn’t describe it like that. But conceptually. Yes. But without the meth. Or Tijuana

*Hmmm. Double hmmm. I see your point. They can’t ban words. Whoever you are, you’re darn pretty cluey

You embarrass me. But more importantly, look it as an opportunity

*How so?

To me, focus group of one granted, but to me, your films are the world looking at you.


Why don’t you use the SFW versions as showing the world your life as you see it. Or as Max sees it.

*So, my life without the nudity?

Sure. Why not. Without all the dressing of nudity. But add in all that experimental footage you guys are always playing with.

*But I don’t have to change any words?

Nope. I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure they can’t ban words that elicit thoughts.

*That is super subversive

I always say – you’re only as good as you’re last conversion from repression.

*That sounds like good advice

I thought so. But here’s some even better advice

*All ears

Manners matter. Acceptable looks are a bonus. Humour is a must

*I’m not sure what it means. But it sounds deepish

I just found it on Pinterest. What I really meant was show people some of your reality. Where you live. Your office. Where you work. Your art. All that bamboo you grow. Let people see all the things you look for in other people.

*You mean my curiosity with the choices they make?

What choices YOU make my dear. The choices that define who you are. Let people accept or reject you on what you are. Not what you think they want you to be

*Like include suitably moody footage of me in the middle of a breakdown? What about the footage of the slashed wrist?

Maybe not the slashed wrist. Not yet. Leave that for latter. But the moody stuff sounds good. Don’t hide it away. Don’t make it pretty. Make it real. Allow people to see within you through your Mona Lisa mask.

*People will think I’m pathetic. And blonde

Yes. Some will.

*That’s not good

It’s not socially acceptable to present your worse face to the world. Yes. I agree. But art is not about being acceptable. It is about fucking up the status quo. That’s what they told me in art school anyway. So do it, and say to the world – here is a messed up person trying to figure shit out. And you know what, that’s maybe what the rest of the world is trying to do. They might relate.

*No shit

No shit

*What if they don’t

Go to plan B

*What’s plan B?

The one after plan A

(believe it or not, this is an actual conversation that happened in my head. I seem to have developed a skill for taking notes of conversations between different voices in my head. I’m not sure how to clearly define that skill on a resume without scaring people)

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