New Magaluf sex scandal: British couple photographed having sex on beach in front of families



A couple have been pictured having sex in front of young families on a Magaluf beach, sparking further outrage about the debauched behaviour of Brits in the Majorca holiday resort.

Photographs of the British pair were printed by The Sun newspaper this morning. They appear to show them having sex in the sea in broad daylight, with families with children seen swimming behind.

It is the latest shocking behaviour reported from the island destination, after awoman was caught on camera earlier in the year performing sex acts on 24 men during a bar crawl. The number of people signing up for the controversial Carnage events is said to have increased four-fold since the footage was released.

The Sun reports that the drunken pair in the latest images met in a bar, before getting amorous against a wall in the middle of the afternoon.

They then moved into the sea where they continued their holiday romp for 40 minutes, with some onlookers moving away as they realised what was happening.

But others were said to have cheered and high-fived the man and woman.

The holiday antics of Brits abroad have sunk to new lows this summer.

Magaluf’s mayor announced new licencing laws to help clean up the resort after the video of the woman performing sex acts emerged, but since then there have also been revelations about young women being stripped on stage at ‘paint parties’ and another video emerged of a couple having sex in broad daylight, apparently filmed on a Magaluf street.

The couple were caught on film between two parked cars by someone recording them through a window.

The nationality of the copulating couple was unknown, but the title of the video describes a “British Tourist”.


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One Comment on “New Magaluf sex scandal: British couple photographed having sex on beach in front of families”

  1. David
    August 27, 2014 at 12:45 pm #

    It was not that long ago, especially here in America, that whole familes, kids, parents and grand parents lived and loved in one room cabins. Sex was not a secret, it was a part of life. AS we become more “civilized” the more unacceptable sex becomes? As we become more “important” in our own minds, the more we rejected our own sexuality, ie. victorian age comes to mind.

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