Having A TV In Your Bedroom Equals More, Better Sex


A recent study has found that couples with a television in the bedroom are more likely to bone, and more often. A personal study has found that only having an AM/FM clock radio almost always leads to masturbating solo.

The very important research looked into the relationships of 2,431 people to see how the TV affects their sex life, if at all. Of those surveyed more than half (2/3) firmly believe that their sex life was “healthier” because they had a television in their bedroom, and 50% of that group were totally stoked that they could watch their favorite show while having sex.
As for the 26 percent of people who opt out of having a TV in the bedroom, they’re of the belief that a television would interfere in their sex life, and, presumably, are happy without it for this reason. But those who are all for the TV in the bedroom, 37 percent of them claim that it allows for improved sex lives because, and I’m sure you already know where this is going based on the fact that people are all about watching telly mid-sex, they can watch “erotic” movies together.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? “Wall-to-wall flat-screens?” EXACTLY. I’m going to increase my likelihood for sex at LEAST 10,000%. You think just having them there is enough or do I actually need to pay for cable? “You’re never getting laid.” I can’t even remember what tits look like.

Thanks to Lana, who wants to know what happens if you put a TV in the bathroom.



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