Art of Sex Full Script


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Art of Sex Full Script


A division of the Internet Industrial Complex

(why can’t I stand my own  mind?)

Documented over three short films


This is the first film Max and I ever made together. It hasn’t been previously published.


Max took the photos

20 minutes before…

we had sex for the second time

I was 24 years old

I am 32 years old now

I am struck by the life in my face back then

A certain kind of sad happiness

Mixed with curiosity

And also worry about what the future holds

If I don’t get a few things sorted in my head

And if I don’t then these words used 8 years ago will be foreshadowing

‘The soul should not die ungodly in a prison of false belief – Allen Ginsberg


2012. Art of Sex Trilogy. Part 2

This is the first film we ever released on the internet

It was called ‘Whipped’

We left it up for three days before we took it down

It freaked me out that I was letting people see this side of me

This side of me that enjoyed being punished for being so wrong as a child

Now I’m fine with it. I’m sure you have picked up on that

Because it’s 201 and it’s part 3 of the trilogy

We’re still making films about sex and why people are fucked up sexually

No sex however abstract

should fail to arouse in the spectator

some vestige of erotic feeling

It is such a fundamental part of our nature

that our judgement of what is known as pure art

is inevitably influenced by it

and one of the difficulties

of filming sex as a subject for art

is that these instincts cannot be hidden


An artist takes what she needs

For me, Sex and Art are therapy

and I believe in the power of Sex and Art to heal me

Because nothing else has.

Art is good when it springs from necessity

This kind of origin is the guarantee of its value.

There is no other

-Neale Cassady (1926-1968), U.S. Beat Poet


Songs like this take me to a very lonely & scary place

I am 4 years old

I am by myself on my parents lounge room floor

There are people, adults, in the kitchen. They are laughing

There wasn’t laughing in the kitchen before the people came

There was crying. Always crying

I’m scared that everyone in the kitchen will blame me again

I don’t want to be blamed anymore

I just want to know why my brother has down’s syndrome. And why it’s my fault.


When I was 8 years old

my parents caught me sneaking into their bedroom

to return their book ‘The Joy of Sex’

I slept with it under my pillow every  night

They took it from me. They said that sort of thing wasn’t for me


I first rebelled against my parents

in a café in Byron Bay

I was 12, and I went up and ordered a coffee

because coffee was against their beliefs

Now I make films about sex

because my parents wouldn’t let me be a sexual being

It’s as simple, or as complex, as you want to make it

A happy childhood is hardly worth your while – Frank McCourt

Words by Missy Jubilee & Sir Kenneth Clark

Coming Soon

PRIMAL. No little girl must ever think those thoughts.

Transcript kindly provided by Bernie Glynn

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One Comment on “Art of Sex Full Script”

  1. dirk_gently
    July 10, 2014 at 6:20 pm #

    My parents had a book on sex that they wrapped in brown paper and wrote ‘tom browns schooldays’ on the front, then hid in their dresser. Of course I found it and read it. My sisters confessed to me that they found it and read it too, re-hiding it like I did, way before I found it.

    It was incredibly mechanical and could have been called ‘the joylessness of sex’. All medical diagrams and dry descriptions of sex as a reproductive activity only to be undertaken in marriage and preferably in the dark with your clothes on.

    The Joy of Sex was a little better. I read that when I was a newlywed (I think it might have been a wedding gift, like my parents book apparently was). I liked the pencil drawings, but cannot remember that much more about it other than the fella had a beard I think. I do not remember ever learning much from both books.

    My education started with my wife and I home schooling. We have now thankfully graduated.

    Some people prefer tea, some prefer coffee. Me, I take what is offered.

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