Singing while having an orgasm is really hard

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Last week, Netherland’s female pop group ADAM released the video to their new film clip “Go To Go”.

The concept behind the video is simple: sit on a dildo and film the expressions on the faces of the band members as they sing the lyrics.

While the five Dutch vocalists sung words like ‘All I Have Is You’ (we’re assuming that’s a dildo reference), their faces filled with pleasure and combined perfectly with the click-bait title of the video.

Almost 10,000,000 views later (they were yet to crack the half million mark before this), the band achieved exactly what they set out for. Noisy correspondent Dan Wilkinson spoke to three members from the band, including Anna. She explained that, “It requires a lot of focus, your voice goes all over the place, so you have to focus on your voice as well as the other stuff that’s going on in your body.” True.

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YFH via Bernie Glynn

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2 Comments on “Singing while having an orgasm is really hard”

  1. Calen
    May 28, 2014 at 12:46 pm #

    For some reason, the “climax” scene in Young Frankenstein “came” to mind when I read this. (“Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life, at Last, I’ve Found You!”)

  2. dirk_gently
    June 3, 2014 at 7:13 pm #

    Perhaps I am being over critical, but I am not sure the band are very good. I did a cursory search and found this music video;

    But to be honest I am not overly impressed by the europop group, though I wish them well.

    I think perhaps then the whole ‘singing through an orgasm’ thing might be a teensy bit of a publicity stunt. Perhaps. Maybe?

    However I will love them forever for introducing me to Hysterical Literature (the inspiration for their video that they correctly referenced), which has been quietly doing the same thing with far better results in my humble opinion;

    Thanks for sharing Bernie.

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