Would you perform in an erotic webcam peepshow?

Are ads looking for sexy webcam ‘models’ to be trusted?

Many people go through financial stress. If you want extra money to help make ends meet, the choices may seem limited. There are many online ads aimed at attracting people to work from home, and many of those ads are bogus.

There are even ads looking for “young, sexy women” who are willing to make buckets of cash in their spare time working as “webcam models”.

Can those ads be trusted?

First of all, if you’re the kind of person that values your privacy, then selling homemade crafts may be a safer option. But, if the idea of working from home during hours you choose appeals to you, then this is what it’s all about:

A webcam model performs in front of a webcam to a paying customer. And yes, this is not modelling, but rather erotic actions which those customers are willing to pay to see. This may extend as far as full-on sex acts but may also be simple flirtatious chatting.

The customer will be able to view your profile when you are online, and then strike up a chat. Then the customer will have the option of joining you in a pay-per-minute private online room where only that person will see what your camera sees.

Obviously, the longer the person stays in the room, the more money the webcam “model” makes.

The rooms are hosted by companies which take a percentage of the earnings.

The dangers of webcam modelling

Some women report making a lot of money in this way, but there are obvious risks. How can you recognise the dangers when you see them?

1. You may be ripped off by the host company. The host site may not give you access to money you have earned.

2. The company may record intimate footage and sell it on. As with anything on the internet, privacy is hard to maintain, and sexual images or video could potentially damage your reputation. Either you’d have to not care about this issue or ensure that privacy agreements are met.

3. Your home or location could be exposed to stalkers, even inadvertently.

4. You’d have to know your rights- some countries frown on this kind of work. In addition, you’d need to understand what your tax obligations are.

5. Your computer could become riddled with viruses!

6. You probably won’t discuss your part-time work at social events.

So as tempting as these ads may be to you, unless you exercise caution, you could invite all sorts of problems into your life. If you are really interested, try and find out if anyone you know has done it and ask for their advice or an introduction.

Never meet up with strangers from the internet alone or in a private place.


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One Comment on “Would you perform in an erotic webcam peepshow?”

  1. dirk_gently
    May 8, 2014 at 7:23 pm #

    There is an assumption here that most girls are going into this particular branch of the sex workers industry willingly. I would doubt that.

    Modern slavery comes in many forms and is a sad reality. I worry therefore that advice against the perils of this type of sex work may therefore be redundant.

    I hope I am wrong though. Bless you for trying Missy.

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