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Full transcript of the short film Come. Bill Hicks, PayPal & the art of female masturbation

Transcript kindly provided by Bernie Glynn

Episode 35 of 250


A short note from the film makers

If you are shocked or offended by the vision in Part One

We would ask that you consider the point of view

Being explored in Part Two

We do not seek to shock, embarrass, cheapen, tease

Or titillate

We seek only to be truthful

However biology is what it is

When you’re dealing with sexuality

And many people have many points of view

And many different reactions

This is our point of view on the subject of

What is pornography

And who decides on your behalf

Some pretty big corporations hold

A very different point of view to us

Therefore it is a debate

Between us and them

This is our rebuttal to their actions

Banning this 250 film art project

Dealing with the exploration of female sexuality

Because in their view

It is sexually explicit & pornographic

Therefore not fit for the general public

Because there is a naked body


We didn’t believe art dealing with sexuality

Should be marginalised to the porn market

With all its associated shame and excesses

To drag its audience there

Vimeo is the only mainstream media supporter of this

Point of view

We believe there should be more


With all due respect

We disagree with the companies

Who have banned us


Not that much respect

As you will see at the end

I did not know PayPal’s mother had a penis

I think that is good to know

Those companies use what is available to them to censor us

We use what is available to us to fight it

At its heart this film is about censorship

It is very personal for us

We believe this is a worthy topic for debate

Because it’s about your right

To decide for yourself

What is pornographic

And what is not

Missy & Max Jubilee

Sydney Australia

15th march 2014


When you’re learning, Especially in your early years

Technique is really important.  But once you`ve got your technique

It`s what you do with it that becomes important

– Angelo Bruschini/guitarist/Massive Attack


Poetry is no one’s business except the poet’s. Everyone else can fuck off – Philip Larkin


‘You have a pretty shallow existence

Maybe that’s how you ended up so bitter and hollow

Enjoy your supremely facile and myopic life’ – 40 Year Old Male, USA



If I could put my orgasms into words, I wouldn’t shut up

I would have written a thousand books

And I would have been more prolific  than Shakespeare

How I get to orgasms is through memories

Of misdemeanours and turn-ons past

Probably like you

I come with what I got, what I was given and what I take

Diving in. Turned on. Hellhounds loose in my mind.

I am just a whip chaining, BDSM appreciating, regular nice girl

With freckles from next door

If you lived next door to an amusement park

So don’t be shy because I’m not

I refuse to accept shame and judgment from others anymore

If I was meant to be controlled, I would have come with a remote

So hush already with the fake outrage

It’s just biology remixed as art, and truth be known

Everyone does it. So what’s the big dealio yo?

And now I’m ready to come. Are you?


Adapted for the screen from the poem

‘Come’ by Edge & Missy Jubilee


Music/It don’t come easy/Paul Whitrow & friends

Original composition by Ringo Starr


Man the Beatles were so high, they even let Ringo sing a few songs – Bill Hicks


Time to orgasm: 2 mins 42 secs

Who’s a clever girl then


For assistance solving your sexual issues, just ring Missy Jubilee


Ext: 3-got-too-many-of-my-own


Scare the world. Tell the truth about sex

Now there’s a concept I can get behind


And the coloured girls go

Do doo doo do doo do doo do doo doo doo doo do doo do doo do doo doo

We never really grow up, we just learn to act in public

Well. Some of us do

Doo doo doo doo doo


Tonight is the night I’m gonna celebrate

Stay at home

Order in

Watch a movie

Smoke some weed

Then masturbate

Water some plants

Follow a few b-list celebs on twitter

Get stoned again

Watch some YouPorn on my iPhone

This is how we all assume any man masturbates

Not because someone’s watching him

Not because he’s in a particularly sexy mood

Just as something he’s doing

When he’s got a little down time

-Sarah Silverman


This attitude is apparently all too rare among women

46.5 percent of whom say

They masturbate less than once a month

The fact remains that many women and girls

Don’t masturbate at all and may not even know how to

We expect boys to start playing with themselves

While they’re in utero

Decades after the sexual revolution

In our supposedly post-feminist era

Cultural ideas about women and masturbation

Remain much more complex, repressed, hidden & shameful

Taboo in fact

-New York Times


This film would be banned if put up on

YouTube, Daily Motion or any other video sharing site

Apart from Vimeo

And porn sites

This is not porn

This is what nice girls are taught not to do

Or discuss

That it is shameful

How can you ban normal?

It’s got me beat


I must write every day. Otherwise I die. One unspoken hypocrisy at a time – Bill Hicks on hypocrisy


The following corporations & countries have banned

This project on the basis that it is sexually explicit









What an interesting list


PayPal has withdrawn the ability for people

To contribute donations to this project

They said they don‘t associate their brand with ‘porn’

And our account was banned forever

They said forever

They are also holding all donations made to date

Subject to ‘arbitration’ by them

This is the company that withdrew donation facilities

From Wikileaks

You haven’t heard the last of this PayPal

I am a touch uppity regarding this matter


As a society, when did we allow corporations to decide that a naked body is sexually explicit or shameful?

When did we become Syria, Iraq, Iran & China?


PayPal. ‘We know lots about money. We know shit about art’


If you would like to support our case against PayPal

They would love to hear from you

Why is it so hard to contact PayPal?

PayPal had to be sued in 2003

Just to have them put their telephone number

In a place where most people could find it

PayPal actively discourages people from contacting them

Their complaint e-mail address is:


If you support us, we clap for you

If you don’t support us, we clap for you too

We clap for everyone. Yay everyone


Censorship always defeats its own purpose, for it created in the end, the kind of society that is incapable of exercising real discretion – Henry Steele Commager


Some days I really wonder why I am doing this and then I remember

It’s better than where I was with people, just like PayPal, telling me I should be ashamed of myself because I was different

Fuck that shit


By the way

2 mins 42 seconds is slow for me

There are many benefits to being unrepressed

I wish I know sooner

I recommend it

For what that’s worth

It’s a focus group of one really

Personally, I never trust those sorts of focus groups

There’s too much statistical bias



We touch you every day, so you don’t have to

Because we don’t like that kind of stuff

This is where we are right now, as a whole we are experiencing a reality based on a thin veneer of lies & illusions. A world where greed is our God, and wisdom is sin – Bill Hicks

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One Comment on “Come. Full script”

  1. dirk_gently
    March 27, 2014 at 8:04 pm #

    Not sure I am going to add to the debate here; but I will try.

    I have never considered your video’s as pornographic. They stray into the erotic by association rather than the explicit. The words often do not combine with the images. The raw, open honesty often impedes any sexual connotations rather than assists. But it is all beautiful.

    Summarising your work is impossible. I have attempted before and because I love it so, will probably attempt again, but it is a futile endeavour. Your work is beyond categorisation.

    The really strange thing in all this is not the fact that nudity is considered pornographic by some really fucked up people; but that the way in which the faceless corporate is able to censor without governance.

    You need your own means of publishing your art, and your own means of gathering your donations. Perhaps the latter before the former, if you are to try and self fund. There is something very noble about your rage against the machine, and we in your small annoying gang will get all worked up, but I am afraid we are pissing in the wind here. The icebergs are looming and they are not going to move for you. It is time to set a course avoiding those bastards.

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