Miley Cyrus posts erotic toy photo on Twitter and critics are nauseated

Miley Cyrus posted a photo of her sex toy on Twitter and critics have had enough.
Nothing Miley Cyrus does any more shocks the masses, or so one would think. However, according to Fishwrapper on Friday, Miley has gone too far with a recent picture of her erotic sex toy she posted to Twitter, which displays one of Cyrus’ fetishes and critics are grossed out.

On March 4, Miley posted The Hand of Adonis as it caressed her face, followed by The Hand reaching down Cyrus’ pants, all while the “Wrecking Ball” singer posed on an airplane.

Fishwrapper used the product’s labeling to detail The Hand of Adonis as a sex toy, specifically used in the sexual fetish of fisting.

The Hand of Adonis is a unique tool for size enthusiasts, or anyone interested in fisting. The ultra realistic, 16 and one-half inch arm ends in a ‘duck bill’ positioned hand, with thick fingers for lots and lots of sensation. The realistic feeling, SilAgel filled rubber material is firm, yet quite flexible, and able to bend and twist for the perfect fit inside. It’s also anti-bacterial, non-toxic, and latex and cadmium free for safe enjoyment. The Hand tool is very large, quite heavy, and so not well suited to beginners, but if you’re experienced with large sized toys, you’ll love it. Check out the Fist of Adonis too!

The celebrity gossip page, along with TMZ is “totally grossed out” with Miley Cyrus’ “risqué” sex antics, especially as her fan base is still made up of young girls who adored “Hannah Montana”. But the ignorant comments that followed the 21-year-old’s sex toy Twitter pic prove Miley Cyrus fans are so naïve that they didn’t notice the giant-sized sexual stimulant. The posts ranged from “you’re so pretty to marry me to did she kill Madonna?” However, many, such as Fistingharry who said, “she’s so perfect, it hurts,” or something to that effect, did not overlook The Hand of Adonis and its sexual connotation.

The fact remains, when is enough, enough young Miss Miley Cyrus? We understand you want to have an edge, be risqué and lose any remnants of “Hannah Montana”. However, you must understand there are still young girls who idolize you, and you are proving to be every parent’s worst nightmare, but maybe that is what you want. Enjoy your sexual fantasies in the privacy of your bedroom, unless porn star is what you aim to achieve.

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2 Comments on “Miley Cyrus posts erotic toy photo on Twitter and critics are nauseated”

  1. dirk_genlty
    March 15, 2014 at 9:45 am #

    The bit I do not get here is the physics of the toy. I see the market for plastic cocks; if you are not born with one, then having a plastic one to play with seems fair enough. But a plastic hand? Is this a case of the hands you are born with are not ‘big’ enough? Of course I am assuming it is for people born with hands, which I guess is wrong of me, but Miley does demonstrate by holding her hand in her hand as it were (tch – that Miley eh…*rolls eyes*).

    I feel the same about those plastic pussies that are for men. I have never tried one, but surely it will never feel as good as a hand, and most of us (without the real thing) are born with at least one of those, so really, what is the point?

    It also brings to mind that bit in IT Crowd where Douglas invites Jen to ‘come sit on my big hand’ as the camera pans round his office to reveal a large chair shaped like a hand.

  2. David
    May 13, 2014 at 1:52 pm #

    Nothing upsets more that the thought of a “Clean” “Pure” little girl going all “SEXUAL” !! Ohhh the betrayal !!! Alot of noise over the actions of Female POP star!. All of the fear that innocent little girls will be led astray!!!! If we would only get our shit together, provide young boys and girls with a “real” education of sex! So many problems could be fixed! Teach the young that sex of ANY kind without consent it WRONG ! That the biological urges are NORMAL!, That sex is OK and give them the tools that will allow them to make the right decisions for them as to how and when they become sexual! The lure of a POP star fills the void of the honest sexual education as there is no honest communication and educational foundation laid in place to fill that void! I say, Miley, enjoy yourself, be safe and don’t hurt yourself or your partners

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