Weapons Full Script

1. Missy Jubilee. 31.2. Weapons.SFW

Full transcript of episode 31.2 Weapons. To watch film, click here

Transcription with thanks to Bernie Glynn


Weapons of Mass Distraction

If this is Art, then what isn’t?

The short version of Requiem, known on the street as Missy vs George Bush


Max: Where are we at 31 films in? Bigger picture

Missy: To answer that I would have to go back a step

Max: Okay. But make it concise. It’s a short song

Missy: I have been sexually repressed all my life

By three weapons of mass discombobulation

Shame. Fear & self-loathing

Max: Nice geopolitical tie-in

Missy: Thank you. But stop interrupting.

Anyways. The first 30 films were exposition

To tell you a little about myself and give you some context

My history. Parents. Head problems. Addictions. Issues

It was background so you could understand the next part of the projekt

Who did what to whom. When. How. With what

I feel I have dealt with the shame by completing 30 films

Next comes dealing with the disabling intense fear

Max: Fear of what?

Missy: Fear of failing. Fear of not being good enough. Fear of the fear.

Fear that the emotional exhaustion driving me back into depression

That’s what I thought it was about. But it’s not

Max: How so?

Missy: it’s about the fear of who I am without shame

I don’t know that Person. I don’t want to exist as a ghost

I have learnt this person over 28 years. I might unlearn it in 250 films

But what fills the vacuum in between? I fear that. A lot

It’s never good stuff that fills a vacuum. Look at Iraq

Every film is sucking a little bit of bad stuff out of my soul

But it’s also the only me I know

It feels like I’m dying

Very very slowly

Max: Be all in or get all out. There is no half way

Missy: What do you mean there is no halfway. Do you live in a vacuum?

Max: No. I live with you. In a house

Missy: It was rhetorical

Max: I know

“Peace is always beautiful.” Walt Whitman


The upcoming episode called Cirque du Freak deals with my sexual fascination with the dancing of gay men

So there’s that

Welcome to my mind

As they say in software coding. Garbage in. Garbage out.

I got 99 problems and normal ain’t one of them


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