Missy Jubilee. 033. Frank Full Script

1. Missy Jubilee. Frank

Watch film

Frank Moore. Morgan Freeman. Feathers. And chickens

A love story

by Missy Jubilee


Frank Moore was the first person who encouraged me with this projekt

I would not be able to do what I am doing now

if it weren’t for the battles Frank fought

in the epic Erotica vs Porn wars

of the late 20th century


He did it alone

Now there is a community

His ‘hood

His street corner

His South Central

No one should forget that

Especially artists with Warhol stars in their eyes

And Basquiat pretentions

Because we stand on the shoulder of a giant big ol’ Frank

I hate cliches

But sometimes there is only one right way to say something


Last year, I lost two of my greatest creative influences

Frank Moore & Lou Reed

Unfortunately Bukowski died in 1994


I wish he had have lived until 2013

I always prefer things in 3’s

It would have been more poetic

More balanced

More tighter

More neater


But life isn’t neat

Art isn’t neat

And sex certainly isn’t neat

Well mine isn’t.

I bet Frank’s wasn’t either

Cause neat is restrained

Like an idea in a strait jacket


You’re very very neat when you’re in a strait jacket

Like someone ironed your bestest whitest shirt

with a metric fuck ton of weapons grade starch

But you also can’t do anything strait jacket’d up

Except blink

Hannibal Lecter like


And that is what mainstream society does

All day long


A lot

While saying what the fuck??


I loved it when Frank made society say ‘what the fuck??’ a lot


Don’t get me wrong

Nothing against strait jackets

They are very comfortable

They have nice buckles, and lots of them

Like punks and safety pins

Some of the best artists have worn strait jackets

While society checked on them

To see if they were safe

From their dangerous arty ideas


But God said to Frank

Strait jackets are too easy for you Moore

You got the look & smell of a Houdini about you

I couldn’t restrain that homeboy either


So I’m going to design a special strait jacket for you

I shall call it an affliction

Cool said Frank

And since I think you have so much potential

I think I will put you in that special kind of strait jacket

For your whole life

You up for that challenge big boy?


Frank nodded

Fair enough said God

Let’s get bus


And on the 7th day, God rested

And Frank rested

They had a Lemon & Gingergrass tea together

And God said to Frank in a Morgan Freeman overdubbed voice

I’m pretty damn impressed white boy

With your handy work

You got shit done


A little said Frank



You make me look lazy God said

I gotta slow you down

How about for the next life

I put you in an underwater cave

In the Mariana Trench

With no oxygen

And just a box of matches

a boy scout manual

And maybe a killer octopus outisde the door


Okay said Frank

You’re the boss


I don’t like things too easy

But do caves have doors?

I’m God, they could have a two car garage if I wanted

Fair point Frank said

While still quietly dubious about the value of a door on an underwater cave


Early in the projekt, I hid my face

I was tainted by the porn industry

Frank was always at me to show my face

But people will think I’m doing porn Frank


After he died, I did show my silly face

The world didn’t end

People didn’t throw fruit at me in the street

Or contemplate some good old Salem witch burning

Well, maybe they did

But they didn’t tell me about it

Or the fruit missed me

while I was looking in the butchers window

at all the dead meat

looking like bad porn

Or maybe I’m just oblivious re common sense

Like Frank


I guess Frank was saying that

it was time for me to stand on my own two feet

And be proud of my work

Take a teaspoon of concrete Princess and harden up Frank thought

It’s 2013

Not 1980

You got it easy

Back in the day

I lived in a cardboard box

behind the porn factory


That was good advice Frank never gave me

I heard what you didn’t say Frank





Tick that fucker off the list


Frank was right

As usual

You bastard


Because he made me realise, that if you’re an artist

You must stand behind you work

If you don’t, no-one else will

It’s called artistic integrity girlie


He liked to call me girlie when he gave me non-existent advice

Because I’m a girl

I guess


He convinced me that erotica isn’t porn

Kinda like using a feather

Rather than using the chicken

A dead chicken

Not a live one

Cause that would just be weird


Dead chickens


The concept of death

It scares me



Frank is leaning in and going where I fear

Always leading

That is Frank to me


I followed you into erotica Frank

I will again follow you again

Into death

At some point

At some stage.

When Morgan Freeman says the time is right


This is an ode to Frank

Is it short & succinct?



Pablo Picasso said

I start with an idea

And then it becomes something



This is something else


Frank would have wanted it to be something else

Anything else

But else


When we meet up, I will have one question for you Frankie boy

“How the hell did you get so much done?”

I tried tying my hands behind my back

And painting with a brush in my mouth for a day

I didn’t get much done that day

I didn’t mind the hands behind the back all BDSM like

But have you ever had a cramp in your mouth

It’s not overly joyous


Short story long

Frank always made me feel lazy



Who knew Morgan Freeman was a white boy in a wheelchair?


Peace, love & things Frank


p.s. Frank, what’s the deal with Platypuses?. Were you smoking it up that day?



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One Comment on “Missy Jubilee. 033. Frank Full Script”

  1. anil lhot
    January 15, 2014 at 7:09 am #

    hy missy i am indian boy and i want become a male porn star.

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