Pornomatik Full Script

1. Missy Jubilee.032. Pornomatik


Watch film


Make art. Not porn

The porn industry has made the visual representation of sex cheap & nasty

I think everything to do with sex is art

How you dress

How you undress

The way you do sex

What you talk about

The way you look at someone

Your smile

Your personality

What you want to do

What you fantasise about doing

The way you decorate your bedroom

The first time

The best time

The worst time

All your desires

All your fears

All your shame

The way it make you look

And the way it makes you feel

If maybe we didn’t look at all naked bodies as porn

Maybe if we didn’t look at films like this as porn

Maybe we’d be more relaxed about it

Just like eating

Just like breathing

Because sex was meant to be beautiful

No matter what you’re in to

Because sex is art

To me anyway


The Porn Industry

I don’t like your jerk off name

I don’t like your jerkoff face

I don’t like your jerkoff behaviour

And I don’t like you

I know the porn industry doesn’t like me, but I have a cunning plan

Make art. Not porn.

It’s not really that cunning

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