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Gorgeous Girl Watch: Xenia Deli

  Introducing Xenia Deli of Moldova. Sounds exotic right? That’s because she is. Very very exotic. Moldova is the landlocked country mostly known for their Eurovision entries, communist roots and thankfully, now Xenia Del. Moldova remains to be the poorest country in Europe. She’s graced every dude/bro magazine (FHM South Africa/UHM/Max Italia/Sport Illustrated South Africa) in most countries so don’t […]

Brazil’s Miss BumBum 2013

Trouble in paradise as Miss Bum Bum Brazil 2013 has been ROCKED with bribery allegations!!! Can you imagine? The best butt is not necessarily the best prize winning butt!? “This is an outrage!” One of this year’s competitors has thrown out some very heavy and incriminating allegations against the 2013 Miss Bum Bum winner Maria Sousa and first runner-up, […]

Women more likely to cheat on vacation than men, says new study

              Global warming apparently makes for booming business. IllicitEncounters was established in 2003, and expects have half a million memberships by the end of this month. Their study indicated that 63% of the 800 men and 800 women surveyed also said they would prefer to vacation with their mistress […]

Opinion: Matt Young responds to NRL player’s controversial rant about homosexuality and gay marriage

The Newcastle Knights‘ Ryan Stig says he is “a son of God” Source: News Limited DEAR Ryan, I read your note on gay marriage with amusement and utter disbelief. Literally, my mouth was wide open. Comparing homosexuality to alcoholism? A “politically correct charade”? A “spiritual disease”?! Not only do I find it amusing that the Church feels the need […]

Erotic Props Now Delivered to Luxury Hotel Rooms – No Questions Asked

A luxury erotic gifting service, Box Of Grey,  has launched a first of its kind concierge service that allows couples to  pre-order cases of bedroom accessories and have them delivered discreetly to a  hotel room ahead of their stay. With Box Of Grey’s service , couples  can book a hotel and make an order is […]

Getting In Touch With Your Inner Sexual Deviant

Science writer Jesse Bering has been called “fearless,” “witty,” “madly provocative,”  ”smart” and “deeply compassionate.” Yale professor and author Paul Bloom has gone so far as to call him the “Hunter S. Thompson of science writing.” In his latest book, Perv: The Sexual Deviant In All Of Us, Bering uses the tools of science to […]

‘The Married Kama Sutra: The World’s Least Erotic Sex Manual’ Is A Warning For Couples Everywhere

  You’ll all be familiar with the term ‘honeymoon period’ – that point in a relationship when two people are blissfully happy, can’t keep their hands off each other and haven’t become submerged in each other’s faults. Well – without wanting to sound negative (oh, too late) – it won’t last. After the honeymoon period […]

Who’s That Girl?

The dark haired teenager with the flinty eyes stares up at the camera, clad in nothing but a man’s striped shirt and burgundy tie and chewing seductively on a pair of glasses. The steely expression that she went on to perfect while en route to becoming one of the world’s biggest stars, amassing an estimated […]

Sex survey reveals women’s Fifty Shades of Grey style experiments

  BONDAGE, role play and even threesomes are just some of the popular bedroom antics revealed in a saucy new sex survey. Women across the UK have been revealing what happens between the sheets in different regions of the country. But while 73 per cent of women living in the south east admitted 50 Shades […]

Public servant misses out on sex compo after motel injury

Motel room. Picture: Getty Images. Source: Supplied A WOMAN awarded compensation after injuring herself during sex on a work trip has had the damages win knocked back by the High Court. The nation’s highest court this morning upheld an appeal by Comcare, who argued they shouldn’t have the pay the commonwealth employee any money as compensation. The […]

Nicole Kidman talks marriage to Tom Cruise

If there’s anyone who would understand Nicole Kidman’s marriage to Tom Cruise, it’s Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Or so says the Oscar-winning actress to Vanity Fair magazine in its December issue. According to Kidman, the intense attention her 11-year union with Cruise received – not unlike the scrutiny Pitt and Jolie are under – actually […]

The Worlds Strangest Sex Laws

In Indonesia the penalty for being caught masturbating is decapitation. In Alexandria, Minnesota, USA, it is still illegal for a man who has garlic, onions or sardines on his breath to have sex with his wife. In Logan County, Colorado, USA, it is still illegal to kiss a woman while she is asleep. In Ames, […]

Missy Jubilee. 026. Membrane. PREVIEW 01

The first preview of ‘Membrane’. Full episode released 11th November 2013 via

What Kelly Clarkson Can Teach Us About Marriage (and Kim and Kanye can’t)

The words “tasteful” and “understated” are rarely used in the same sentence as the name Kardashian, so it was no surprise that the latest Kardashian-related news to dominate headlines was yet another story about over-the-top opulence, wrapped in one big, gigantic bow of questionable taste. Only this time the Kardashians were not solely to blame, […]

An Erotic Interpretation of the Classic Lollipop

Moscow-based creative company FIRMA Agency have put their innovative spin on an iconic brand, introducing the Chupa Chups 18+ Lollipop design. The product range consists of 3 lollipops; BDSM,Fetish and Toys. As the name suggests it is a line made up entirely of sexually suggestive components, provoking controversy and captivation in equal measures. Intimate and erotic, FIRMA’s designs refresh and modernize the candy […]

Stephanie Bertram Rose. Possibly the most beautiful girl ever?

Light-skinned, green eyed Belgian Stephanie Bertram Rose is the best thing to come out of Belgium since Aeroplane. Isn’t it strange how a stranger can make you feel some type of way. Her chin is the cutest thing ever.  You only live once Related articles Light Skin VS Dark Skin (

‘Erotic Excerpts from the Intimate Diary of a Mature Woman’ Debuts Online

Author Virginia Hoefler has released a groundbreaking new book sharing the experiences of a single woman over 50 seeking companionship, yet finding it only in younger men. The book, titled “Erotic Excerpts from the Intimate Diary of a Mature Woman,” seeks to overcome the social stigma associated with so-called “cougars,” partly by drawing on Hoefler’s […]

Google Searches Reveal Just How Sexist We Are

 Google‘s autocomplete function – the tool designed to save precious milliseconds of typing time from your daily Google searches, but which has also inadvertently given us a way to examine the Internet‘s collective psyche by comparing your search to the most popular and frequent – has been used in a powerful ad campaign to promote […]

Bruce Weber Goes Back To The Beach With “Love Washes All Over” Series

The leaves have barely started changing color, but I have a feeling you’re already pining for warm beaches, soft skin and summer love. Luckily, Bruce Weber—famous for visualizing the black-and-white muscle-hunk aesthetics of Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Abercrombie & Fitch—has a new series of sensuous photography for us to drool over. Styled by Carine Roitfeld and shot […]

Whitcoulls Shuts Down eBook Store in New Zealand due to Erotic eBooks

Whitcoulls is one of the largest bookstore chains in New Zealand and has been running a Kobo powered eBook store since 2010. Today, the company has announced that it has completely shut down their bookstore, leaving customers unable to buy content. The New Zealand bookstore released a terse statement today that said “Due to recent […]

Full script for Sexual Zeitgeist

Below is the full script for Sexual Zeitgeist. The full video can be seen here: watch video “You should just accept yourself. Maybe learn to meditate” -email received October 2013 “You gotta be kiddin me. All this time, that’s what I’ve been missing?’ -Young Allie, The Notebook, 2004 And now… You’ve been warned to be […]

Why Instagram Censored My Body

I’m used to being told by society that I must regulate my body to fit the norm. I’m used to the fact that images of unaltered women are seen as unacceptable. I’ve taught myself to ignore it (as much as I can) and through the Internet (via sites like ROOKIE) and social media platforms (like Instagram […]

A night in the life of: Fascinating time-lapse photos capture lovers ‘dancing’ as they sleep

  Stunning black and white long-exposure images capture the intimate moments of couples as they sleep. Dutch photographer Paul Schneggenburger is behind the project ‘The sleep of the beloved’ which sees volunteer couples and even families sleeping in a bed under a long-exposure camera . Paul began the project in 2010 as part of his […]

‘You get what you f***ing give’: Khloe Kardashian hints at anger amid marriage woes with harsh Instagram message

Khloe Kardashian has hinted she isn’t ready to forgive Lamar Odom. The 29-year-old reality TV star’s four-year marriage to the basketball player has been rocked by allegations he has secretly been abusing drugs and cheating on her in recent months. In a recent Instagram message, the fashion designer has suggested she isn’t convinced by recent […]

Celibacy syndrome hits Japan with more young people avoiding sex

Young Japanese people are having fun, just not sex. ITS people are young, hip and know how to have a good time. But it seems when it comes to actually getting down and jiggy with it, young Japanese people aren’t having sex. A survey conducted by the Japan Association for Sex Education questioning the sexual habits […]

Jennifer Hawkins Tops MAXIM’s Hot 100 2013

Former Miss Universe, current TV host, the face of Myer and renowned knicker model Jennifer Hawkins has knocked off Miranda Kerr to take the top spot in MAXIM‘s second annual Hot 100 Australia list. J-Haw and MAXIM go way back, with the magazine featuring her (topless, naturally) on the cover of their Australian launch issue […]

Israel PM Netanyahu Twitter account ‘in erotica gaffe’

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu‘s Twitter feed briefly followed a Persian erotica account before unfollowing it on Sunday, The Times of Israel reports. The PM’s Twitter account, @Netanyahu, followed some 90 accounts, mainly of Israeli embassies and the government, at the time, the paper said. But one of the most recent it was following was @PersianHotBook, […]

Susie Bright on Porn, Erotica, Orange Is the New Black and How Prudery Kills

  Twenty years ago, when Susie Bright published the first-ever anthology of women’s erotic fiction, Herotica, the publishing industry shrieked, “Women want romance, not sex!” They were wrong, of course — way wrong. Herotica did so well that it landed Bright a new book series, The Best American Erotica, which still thrives two decades later. […]

Coroner says Ariel Castro’s death was definitely not an accident

  Convicted kidnapper Ariel Castro killed himself, the Ohio medical examiner who conducted his autopsy says, disputing assertions that the convicted kidnapper and rapist may have died accidentally. Coroner Jan Gorniak had harsh words for Ohio corrections officials for raising the possibility in a report Thursday that Castro’s death may have been the accidental result […]

Student choked to death after sex act went wrong

A STUDENT accidentally choked him-self to death after a sex act went wrong. Daniel Harris, 20, whose family are from Abingdon, died in his bedroom at his home in Sydney, Australia on June 21 last year. The inquest at Oxfordshire Coroner’s Court yesterday heard that Mr Harris was found partly undressed with a belt around […]

Statistics On “Women & Sex”

This informational bulletin provides data on everything from women’s viewing habits of erotica to same-sex experiences. “Women make up just over half the U.S. population and are a significant percentage of our customer base,” says Chad Davis, Marketing Director for Adam & Eve. “Of course we are interested in their sexual desires and habits.”   […]

Time To Find A New S&M Icon: Charlie Hunnam Quits As “Fifty Shades Of Grey” Lead

   Announced just over a month ago as the co-starring lead alongside Dakota Johnson, Charlie Hunnman has pulled out early, right before the climax (sorry, gross) that would(n’t) be The Fifty Shades Of Grey movie – just a month before production. I guess he finally read the script and realised that he was actually signing up for […]

Channel 4′s Sex Box: What could be more erotic? Anything

  Q. What’s more erotic than having sex in a box, then telling a group of experts, an agony aunt and a studio audience about it? A. Anything. But as Presenter Mariella Frostrup was keen to emphasise, the show isn’t about titillating the audience, it’s about educating them. I’m not sure I’d have sex in […]

Porn Culture in North Korea Lends Weight to Ri Allegations

Recent weeks have seen considerable speculation over the possible existence of erotic footage of Ri Sol Ju, the wife of North Korean leader Kim Jong Eun. While it is impossible to confirm or deny the claims, which emerged out of the alleged execution of one of Kim’s former lovers, there is plentiful evidence of elite […]

Best movie posters ever: The actors of “Nymphomaniac” will be displayed in full orgasm

The promo of the film Nymphomaniac  leaves nothing to chance. Fourteen actors in the film were shot portrait in the nude and in full orgasm. Charlotte Gainsbourg, Shia LaBeouf, Willem Dafoe, Stellan Karsgard, Uma Thurman, Jamie Bell, Christian Slater or even Udo Kier, all participated in this campaign orchestrated display.   Related articles Nymphomaniac (

Whip Your Dongle Out for ‘cumOmatic,’ a New Way to Experience Dirty Movies

Presumably, at some point in high school you were forced to read Brave New World and, because you were an oversexed teenager, you mostly remember the part about the “feelies,” the sexy movies complete with erotic sensations. Well, call up your sophomore English lit teacher and let him know that dystopia is nigh, because a Dutch company […]

Social Media, Personal Email And Porn – How We Waste Time At Work

  Did you know that productivity losses from non-work related internet surfing have been pegged at high as 40 percent and, despite this, just 15 percent of businesses have an office social media policy? Subsequently, platforms like Twitter and Facebook have become a veritable haven for time suckage during office hours, and many businesses are […]

10 Ways Marrying a Farmer Will Change Your Life

10. You will become very good at directions, landmarks, and where people live… Because when your husband tells you he’s in the southwest corner of the field to the south of the “such and such farm” and needs you to bring him something, you will need to be able to find him. Ladies, ask for a […]

Sexual Zeitgeist. Preview. Full script

  Watch Sexual Zeitgeist preview (2.30)   Below is the full script for the preview of Sexual Zeitgeist. The full episode deals with my response to my parents dis-owning me and never wanting to have anything to do with me again, unless I change back to who I was. When you back someone into a […]

Scarlett Johansson voted Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive

Seven years after being named Esquire‘s Sexiest Woman Alive, Scarlett Johansson is still sexy, and still winning shamelessly vacuous awards based on appearance. Esquire Magazine has officially dethroned last year’s sexiest woman alive—Mila Kunis— in place of everybody’s favourite 28 year old phenomenal bombshell with the voice of a sixty year old whiskey-swilling chain smoker, […]

Woman with erotic obsession with food eats doughnuts during sex

The mum-of-two says just the sight of a bakery is enough to send her weak at the knees and out of breath View Obese Sammee Matthews has a condition which makes her so turned on by food she even scoffs doughnuts during sex. Twenty eight stone Sammee was diagnosed with sitophilia – an erotic obsession […]

Dying for sex: it’s a male marsupial thing

Agile antechinus. Photo: WWF Australia In what may be the ultimate sacrifice for lust, Australian scientists have discovered why the males of some species of marsupial are dying for sex. Scientists have pondered for decades why the males of more than a dozen native species of insect-eating marsupials, including many small rodent-sized antechinus and phascogales, die […]

Artist targeted by angry believers

Last week author Matt Stillman woke to find “BLASPHMY” spray painted in red letters across his front step in New York City. Stillman is the author of “Genesis Deflowered,” an erotic rewriting of the King James Bible’s version of Genesis. In a phone interview, Stillman said: The vandal was obviously upset and trying to shut […]

Princess Diana wrote erotic diary?

Reportedly Diana wrote what Prince Charles likes in bed, details of his relationship with his mistress Camilla Parker and sexual habits of other family members. Supposedly Princess wanted to blackmail Charles so that she could he see her sons often after the divorce, claims researcher Alan Pauer. Pauer believes that a friend of Diana took […]

Can You Feel Love and Lust for the Same Person?

As a couple’s therapist with clients from around the world, I have long probed the intricacies of desire in modern love. While much has changed in my 30 years of practice, one line has endured, “We love each other very much, but we have no sex.” The story of sex in committed modern couples often […]

Erotic weather girls: young iraq’s latest pop culture obsession

What makes patrons in Baghdad’s cafes stop, stare and change the channel, even during a big football match? The local weather report. But it’s not the weather that’s interesting. It’s a new generation of tightly-clad, glamorously-attired, “erotic” weather presenters. All of a sudden, the busy café in Athamiyah, a suburb of Baghdad, was quiet. Even […]

11% of Australian women never masturbate

In popular culture, men have masturbated with an apple pie, wanked before a big date with Cameron Diaz in There’s Something About Mary and “cranked” – a term coined in the Channel 10 show Offspring meaning the act of “crying and wanking”. Yes, the references to masturbating men in mainstream media are many and common. […]

Baker sued for showing erotic cakes to employees

  An Austrian baker is reportedly being sued by two female employees for sexual harassment after presenting the women with penis-shaped cakes. The women are demanding more than $3,400 each from their employer, claiming he presented them with erotic desserts covered in semen-like white icing in an attempt to sexually proposition them. But the 47-year-old […]

M&S goes S&M! Customers go wild for store’s sexy new Agent Provocateur-inspired lingerie

They’re calling it the Fifty Shades Of Grey effect. Lovers of the best-selling erotic fiction have been abandoning their shapewear and pretty broderie anglaise bras in favour of sexier undergarments. And, when M&S start going a little S&M, then you know the trend has reached the mass market. Amid their flesh-toned T-shirt bras you’ll find […]

An Orgasm Just From Thinking? Researchers Say It’s More Common Among Women

To look at a woman walking gracefully in five-inch stilettos is to know that our gender is capable of some pretty remarkable things, and we’ve just been informed that for some of us, that includes having an orgasm just from thinking erotic thoughts. An article in this weekend’s New York Times delves into what sex researchers refer […]