Unmask’D Full Script

1. Missy Jubilee. 030. UnMask'D.SFW.002

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A wardrobe of shame & nothing to wear

The Future Sex Love Art Projekt

A long series of short films by Missy Jubilee


You’re madness

virum madness

And everything you touch dies with you

We interrupt your normal life for this un-important announcement


I’m going to bring the whole fucking diseased corrupt temple down on your head

It’s going to be biblical

Hell is something you carry around with you, not somewhere you go. Neil Gaiman

Slut: (noun) a woman who likes sex as much as a man

Take a deep breathe, in through your nose

Now exhale through your mouth


Your tension has been exterminated


Raw naked truth with a bit of graphic intellectualism

But first a warning

The following film contains scenes of nudity

but possibly more upsetting

it contains a meta-philosophical narrative construct

and there is not a single reference to lobotomies

I know. Weird

Smart-arse motherfucker

Just be yourself

My self is an ever-changing collection of desires & reflections

Well. Just have fun then. But don’t break anything

Goddamnit. Are you fucking with me?!

Let’s go bitch. I’ve done action films


A wardrobe of shame & nothing to wear

Jesus tittie fuckin christ. I could have sworn she was telling the truth

Mad Hatter: Am I mad?

Alice: You’re completely bonkers

But you’re young. You’ll grow out of it they said

Episode 30 of 250. The story about a little red dress

Safely stash all weed & blunts


I’d like to have interlectualcourse with you about negative space

Sometimes you can only see a thing by it’s absence

By the space it leaves behind

In art, it is the space around & between the subject of an image

My negative space is a little red dress of shame

You can get addicted to a certain kind of negative space

Like truth is pain and I’ll do it again & again

Because I want a dress of naked truth

Not a little red dress made of shame

I want my naked dress flimsy & cheap & way too tight

I want to wear it until someone tears it off me

I want it sleeveless and backless, this dress

So no-one has to guess

What’s underneath

It’s me unmasked from the need to feel ashamed anymore

I want to walk down the street

Past the hardware store

With all those keys to secrets shining on the counter

Past the cake shop selling day old crumpets

In their window

Past the butcher

With all that dead meat looking like bad porn

And I want to tell everyone

I’m not dead cause I never told anyone before

I want that dress of naked truth real bad

Because I want to see

The worse things about myself

And for me to be ok with that person

Because that fear of judgment has imprisoned me forever

And only I am to blame for that

I don’t know who I got my little red dress from

I just remember it always being in the cupboard. It was all I wore

Maybe I got it from my mother

Maybe it was handed down to her by her mother

But this red dress dies right here

When I find it, that dress of naked honesty

I’ll be choosing it to wear forever

Through the birth cries and the love cries too

And I’ll wear it like bones. Like skin. Like me

And it’ll be the goddamned dress

They bury me in

Because I admit I sin, but I’m not the devil

I am also good, but I’m not an angel

But I do solemnly swear

I have been up to no good for a long time

As the next 200 episodes will detail

I’ve done things you’ll never forget

I am going to send you to a deep dark place, and I am going to have fun doing it


Producer/editor/sound design/writer/slut/Missy Jubilee

Remember that person you were. Well look at you. All living & shit/Author unknown

Words by Missy Jubilee & Kim Addonizio

Associate Executive Producer/Bernard Glynn

Director/cinematographer/Max Jubilee

Music 1/Portishead/Roads

Music 2/Emeli Sande/Read all about it/Stefan Biniak bootleg

Music 3/The XX/Teardrops

Executive Producers Missy Jubilee & Max Jubilee

The moment she accepted herself just as she was

Her eyes opened to all she could be

-Dean Jackson

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