Artist and Muse Present ‘Extreme Art Nudes’ Book

Artist and Muse Present 'Extreme Art Nudes' Book

When an exhibitionist and a voyeur combine, they might be lucky enough to form a rare, wonderful, and exciting relationship. This was the case for photographic artist Victor Navarre and his model and muse Vanessa Davis, when their mutual love and respect for extreme art and creative exploration, brought them together to author and share their passion and craft in the book “Extreme Art Nudes“.

Vanessa and Victor have consistently strived to achieve a balance of provocative content and tasteful presentation in their art. This frequently involved including, in their photos, erotic elements that are appreciated in the separate personal lives of both. Now, ready to share their craft and passion with others, they confidently take the step to bring it forth and let readers appreciate extreme art at its best.

Maintaining a highly artistic perspective, they have explored a number of fetishes and other situations that are atypical of the classic nude. The juxtaposition of the soft female form with harsh elements creates the most visually compelling imagery. It is a celebration of the great inner strength that women share, and artfully exhibited in their book “Extreme Art Nudes” by model and muse, Vanessa.

Brief erotic essays accompany the spectacular full-color, and timeless B&W photographs. They provide the reader with a spicy insider’s perspective of the genesis of each image. Also, as the chapters unfold, they will reveal a love story – that very special relationship between an artist and muse.

Online sites and printed material providing varying levels of sexually explicit content, are growing at an astounding rate to keep up with the increasing demand from the public. Additionally, more and more people are openly acknowledging their fetishes and non-traditional lifestyle choices. This book, “Extreme Art Nudes”, fits well into this new social candor.

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