Membrane. Preview. Full script

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Full script for Membrane Preview 01

My momma used to say

People love to watch the fire burn

Turn the bass up

I have come to fear

Put your curse on me

Put your curse on me

Curse on me baby and set me free

White Rabbit. How long is forever?

Alice: Sometimes, just a second

Have you ever wondered what insane looks & sounds like?

Oh God. Kinky sex. Religion.

This is what it looks & sounds like to me

Woman often think that sex & love are the same thing

You’re going to wake up

Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it

The greatest prison one can live in, is the fear of what others might think. I don’t live in that prison. I live in one down the road.

Girls were hot wearing less than bikinis

You should already know that

And porn is more truthful than religion

A pointless exercise it seems to me but that is option A

Alright, stop, collaborate and listen​

As much as you’d like to be in your comfort zone

As much as you’d like to be stable

As much as you’d like to have a comfortable environment

The realisation is

Momma knew my mind would know this song

Just remember, a girl is a slut if her sexuality scares others

Momma knew my mind

One looks down in secret

And sees many things

This bizarre story began here

She is extraordinarily………

But look what happens when we change the picture

Am I normal?

Something grabs a hold of me tight

In 1968, my mother drove my grandmother to an insane asylum for the first time.

I’m going to tell you the story of the road not taken.

I think this is relevant to the issue at hand

The issue being?

The issue being why am I sexually insane

Are you sure being sexually insane is a thing?

You see a hole that gets wider and wider and wider

Until it disappears, and it forms that whole again.

Not unlike a jellyfish

Or a space creature

We are what we believe we are​, or what we are told

What exactly occurred here​?

I’m not telling you what to do​

Are you ready​

Are you ready?​

I wish you could trade in bad old memories​

This is a place for crazy people​

Can you take the truth.​

That depends where you want me to take it​

Daddy burnt the dirt, but the seed survived​

Too broken to fix. Too crazy to care. Much​

Membrane. Insane in the sex brain​


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