Opinion: Matt Young responds to NRL player’s controversial rant about homosexuality and gay marriage

The Newcastle Knights' Ryan Stig says he is

The Newcastle KnightsRyan Stig says he is “a son of God” Source: News Limited

DEAR Ryan,

I read your note on gay marriage with amusement and utter disbelief. Literally, my mouth was wide open. Comparing homosexuality to alcoholism? A “politically correct charade”? A “spiritual disease”?!

Not only do I find it amusing that the Church feels the need to dictate how society and government should live their lives in this modern day and age, but now a football star weighs into the debate speaking of demonic deceptions and “distortion of design”.

You’ve got to be kidding me. Seriously?

“Satan has worked so hard throughout culture and society to remove the belief in a creator because without the understanding of a creator we become unaware of our design,” you write.

“When we lose this understanding of design we become susceptible to deception and distortion. Same-sex marriage laws starting to be passed in our country is a good indicator of this.”

Hmm. I think you’ll find SCIENCE has removed the belief in a creator, but then again, what does science have to prove?

Oh, you know, just a few of the greatest discoveries of mankind. It’s flown us to the moon, found cures to chronic diseases, and discovered one slightly important aspect of the human race: evolution.

It is science that’s worked to remove the belief in a creator. There are no “spiritual forces at work”. Satan isn’t rubbing his hands with glee down below in the pits of hell, while the gays dance around him in short shorts and tank tops, with Disco Infernoblasting through the sound system.

An ex-Mormon told me only yesterday how he was forced to leave his family behind after escaping the Church because he “stopped believing”. It was cosmology that enlightened him to a different truth – the stars ultimately cost him everything. Apart from his sanity, perhaps.

I almost feel for the Church. What was designed to be a beacon of peace has turned into its own demonic beast; spewing out bigotry and fierce rhetoric, teaching its members that there is no colour in this discussion; simply black and white.

What’s funny in this whole argument is that Jesus himself never refers to homosexuality. Not once.

Perhaps, Ryan, you should focus your attention on the more than 300 verses that describe our responsibility to help the poor and serve for social justice, instead of spending so much attention on a topic that rated very few mentions in the Bible.

Perhaps, you should focus on the problems within your code before you go knocking on someone else’s backdoor. No pun intended.

Perhaps you could teach your rugby league colleagues what it means to treat a woman with respect. Perhaps you could teach them the meaning of “banned substance” and perhaps you could teach them what it means to be a role model.

Perhaps the Church should figure out its own problems, like the matter of a Royal Commission, for example.

Or there’s the issue of declining numbers.

There are less than half the number of Churches today than there were 100 years ago, and 4000 Churches in the US – one of the most religious nations in the world – are closing their doors every year.

The gay community aren’t here to turn society into one giant glitterball. All we are asking for is what’s deserving: to be treated equally and to be given the same dignity that you’re afforded as a heterosexual male.

I find it amusing how religious folk describe being gay as a lifestyle choice, as if one morning I just woke up and thought, ‘stuff this, I’m choosing to be a part of a minority. I’m going to have sex with men for the hell of it!’

Really, Ryan? This isn’t a choice. It’s a reality.

I won’t succumb to people like you who continue to drown out the debate with ridiculous notions of demonic disease and ignorant uses of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) in text.

My hope for you is that one day you’ll have the ability to make decisions based on your own conscience, and not one that’s been dictated to you.

My hope is that the Church will one day evolve and provide light, hope, faith and support to all citizens of the world, no matter what their colour, gender, or sexual preference.

As I said to FamilyVoice Australia‘s Jim Collins in reply to an open letter he wrote to me yesterday, if Jesus does in fact exist, I believe he wouldn’t discriminate.


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