Israel PM Netanyahu Twitter account ‘in erotica gaffe’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem on 13 October 2013

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu‘s Twitter feed briefly followed a Persian erotica account before unfollowing it on Sunday, The Times of Israel reports.

The PM’s Twitter account, @Netanyahu, followed some 90 accounts, mainly of Israeli embassies and the government, at the time, the paper said.

But one of the most recent it was following was @PersianHotBook, it said.

The PM’s Likud party later said it managed the page and that it was investigating a “malfunction”.

“It was a malfunction and the issue will be checked. In any case, the account was removed immediately,” Likud is quoted as saying by reporter Chico Menashe from Israel Radio in a tweet.

The page @PersianHotBook describes itself as “the first library of hot sex books [in the] Persian language“.

Early on Sunday, the page only had 15 followers, one of which was the prime minister’s account, the newspaper reported.

But later the prime minister’s Twitter feed no longer followed @PersianHotBook, it said, and had also stopped following other feeds, bringing down to 81 the number of feeds it was following.

This gave rise to amused comments on social media sites, with one user interpreting the interest as a desire to want “to see the real Iranian weapon of mass destruction”.

Last week, in an interview with the BBC Persian service, Mr Netanyahu said that if Iranians were free they would wear blue jeans, and listen to Western music.

His comments led to reactions from Iranians in Iran and abroad on social media sites, with many posts showing mainly young Iranians wearing jeans and listening to Western music, some in comic poses.


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