Baker sued for showing erotic cakes to employees

erotic adult exploding dick cake


An Austrian baker is reportedly being sued by two female employees for sexual harassment after presenting the women with penis-shaped cakes.

The women are demanding more than $3,400 each from their employer, claiming he presented them with erotic desserts covered in semen-like white icing in an attempt to sexually proposition them.

But the 47-year-old baker, whose name cannot be revealed for legal reasons, claims it was business as usual.

He insists he was simply showing his employees a newly-developed product intended for sale to hen’s parties and girl’s nights out.

“These cakes are really popular with stag nights and hen nights and other similar events,” he told English language magazine Salzburg Times.

“These clients like our sexy products and they use them in their own lives as a bit of fun. It’s no place for prudes.”

A judge reportedly dropped the case as the two women are said to have accepted out of court settlements.

Both employees have since been fired from the bakery, where the promiscuous desserts have become popular among customers.

‘This item has gone on to become one of our very best sellers,’ the baker said.

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