11% of Australian women never masturbate


In popular culture, men have masturbated with an apple pie, wanked before a big date with Cameron Diaz in There’s Something About Mary and “cranked” – a term coined in the Channel 10 show Offspring meaning the act of “crying and wanking”. Yes, the references to masturbating men in mainstream media are many and common. But when it comes to the topic of female masturbation, it’s still taboo! Think the creepy scene in Black Swan.

According to a recent survey by Australian website My Little Black Book, 11% of Australian women never masturbate. “Many women may have learnt from friends, family or society that masturbation is wrong. So it is important to talk about it in order to normalise and disarm any sense of shame or embarrassment women may have around masturbation,” MLBB’s resident sex expert Christina Spaccavento explains.


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