My Strange First Day Working In An Erotic Massage Parlor

Afterlife spa treatments at luxury funeral home

This week’s Harlotry is a continuation of Cathryn’s attempts to explore the world of erotic massage. Part I is here.

I was not impressed at all with the lack of notice for my first appointment.

I barely had time to rush back to the little basement dressing room, change into shoes that weren’t completely ratty and gross, and gather my nerves before I got the text message from “Marjorie” informing me that my client was at the gate of the apartment complex.

The walk to the gate was a long one. I had no idea whether or not my client was established–and could only hope that if he was a police officer, he would at least be an off-duty one. As scary as the idea of being arrested was, the humiliation of being arrested in such a sleazy, dirty place was almost as horrifying.

When I finally let my client in, though, I was a bit confused by his look of shock.

I decided to push on anyway, and gave him a friendly greeting anyway. ”Hello,” I said, “I’m Rosa, it’s wonderful to meet you.”

He was silent, but I enthusiastically directed him to follow me. Once we were in the dank little hallway, my client finally spoke, “I was actually expecting to see someone else,” he told me.

My confusion intensified. “Well,” I replied, “I’m not sure what you’d like to do. I’d be happy to see you anyway, I’m not sure who you were expecting, but no-one else is available.”

“No,” he answered, “that’s okay. I’ll just go.”

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