Harlotry: Erotic Massage Isn’t All Happy Endings


I’ve been a whore for five years.

Five and a half, if we’re being really honest, since I started doing sex work slightly before I legally became an adult. In that time I’ve had almost every job one can have in the sex industry. I’ve modeled for amateur porn photos, tasteful, softly lit erotica, and some professional, but never-published BDSM soft core. There are three videos of me floating around in the ether, two of them are actual sex tapes (one gay, one straight) and one is of a man turning my ass purple. I’ve worked as a pro-domme both independently and in a house, I’ve escorted, played with myself behind the glass of a peep show, stripped at an actual gentleman’s club, been a phone sex operator, had a disastrous week as a cam girl, and spent some time trying out pro-switching before I figured out it wasn’t for me.

One thing I’ve never done, though, is massage; classic, body rub with a happy ending massage.

Since about two years ago (when I realized I’d covered most of the main industry bases), I’ve made it my personal mission to experience as many aspects of erotic labor as possible, including massage.

The problem was, I had no idea how to apply to a massage parlor. My knowledge of the “spa” world was limited to advertisements for “erotic body rubs” on backpage.com and blacked out windows on North Avenue. I knew I couldn’t exactly walk in and ask for a job, but I never saw any advertisements for massage girls. It looked like a dead end.

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One Comment on “Harlotry: Erotic Massage Isn’t All Happy Endings”

  1. September 30, 2013 at 8:46 am #

    OOh, going to have to reblog this post tomorrow! What a find… 🙂

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