Rian Hughes’ Burlesque Comic Book

It’s possible that Rian Hughes has become best known to American comics readers for his numerous logo and typeface designs for clients like Valiant, Archaia, DC Comics (Tangent, Batman And Robin), Vertigo (The Invisibles) and Marvel (Captain Britain, Invincible Iron Man), but the Device founder is a celebrated illustrator in his own right.

Not too long ago Image Comics compiled and released a collection of his Tales From Beyond Science, a short series of variously insane and beautifully illustrated one-off stories that explored concepts such as the Bermuda Triangle and the 13th month, originally published in 2000 AD in the early ’90s. Now Image is preparing to release its next volume of Hughes’ exquisitely stylized work in Soho Dives, Soho Divas, an art book collecting Hughes’ pinups, sketches and studies of models and other imagery observed in the underground burlesque scene of London, England.

Like Shane Glines and some other illustrators practicing in this kind of mid-century-inspired and yet extremely contemporary style, Hughes’ line work is so minimal that it’s almost not there. It’s like the images are formed by color and space alone. It’s a very cool, “designery” take on erotica, pinup and glamour art (which Hughes knows something about, having authored several books on period illustration and design).

Soho Dives, Soho Divas can be enjoyed in the form of a mass market paperback release as well as the limited edition hardcover you see in the video, embossed in gold and bound in red moiré silk. Both go on sale October 8 in the US in finer comics shops as well as bookstores. A Deluxe Limited Edition of 20 copies that includes the hardcover plus four signed prints can be acquired by emailing Hughes directly: info-at-rianhughes-dot-com.


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