How to up your sex game. 5 techniques

How to up your sex game

Okay, you’ve got a repertoire, one that has been built over years of trial and error. But that’s not to say you can’t add a new club to the golf bag from time to time. It may well lift your game or least lower your handicap.

1. Stick to the shallows

The first third of the vagina is the most sensitive. In other words deep isn’t always meaningful. Modest incursions into the land of pleasure will not only stimulate her big time but the relative lack of friction on your, um, part will ensure your fireworks don’t go off before the end of the parade.

2. Vice-versa

Never underestimate the power of reciprocation in the bedroom. If there’s something you’d like her to do to you, do it to her first. And yes, I’m talking about going downtown – where you will be enthusiastic and diligent. You may also want to take a sip of champagne beforehand and let the bubbles do their thang.

3. Two inches is plenty

To quote John Cleese, “you don’t need to charge at the clitoris like a bull at a gate”. Broaden your focus by imaging a two-inch circle around her vagina. Consider this no man’s land and do not stray into it until she makes you. Concentrate on touching her lower stomach, upper thighs, hips with your fingertips and/or tongue.

4. Left and right, round and round

Just because you’re all about in and out, then repeat as needed, doesn’t mean she is. Learn something from popular vibrators which have a side to side movement. If you need to slow things down for yourself push your pelvis forward against hers to exert pressure on the clitoris. Then lift your hips slightly so that the tip of your penis is given a break from premature ejaculation inducing stimulation.

5. A helping hand

There’s no shame in enlisting some aid in the bedroom and personal lubricants have, for want of a better term, come a long way. Durex’s Play O Gel, $13.99 from, directs more blood flow to the clitoris with 79 per cent of women said they achieved orgasm after using it. Incorporate it into your foreplay ritual by applying a dab with your fingertips for a few minutes before any other action occurs. Believe us when we tell you she won’t think less of you for it, in fact just the opposite.

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