Forget being buffed for your big break in Angelina Jolie’s new movie. She only has eyes for “very skinny” Australian men



Forget being buffed and ready for your big break in Angelina Jolie‘s new movie. She is on the lookout for “very skinny” Australian men to be extras in her new film, Unbroken.

A general casting call has gone out for a group of men who can play prisoners of war in the epic drama based on the life of American hero Louis Zamperini, but they must be available for filming in Queensland in October.

A casting call released by Creme Management in Queensland, which has since appeared across industry websites, describes the exact look Jolie has requested: “Angelina Jolie film seeking background extras, males 17-50 years, very skinny Caucasian males that can portray a Prisoner of War in a detention camp in World War Two.”

The description also specifies that extras chosen also need to be “up for a haircut and no tattoos would be great”.

The Queensland agency is also casting Japanese men who can play soldiers in the detention camp, aged 17 to 50. (They also need to be willing to have their hair cut). It appears no acting experience is required.

Jolie’s stay in Australia so far has of course captured paparazzi attention after she visited a number of key Sydney tourist sites with her children.

But as the film’s director, Jolie appears to be getting down to business this week, including travelling to Tamworth in northern NSW to inspect potential filming sites in the nearby town of Werris Creek. Much of Unbroken‘s filming will also take place in Queensland.

Jolie appears to be sticking with her trademark black outfits, no matter the location and in spite of the Australian sunshine. She and her family are expected to be based here for three months.

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One Comment on “Forget being buffed for your big break in Angelina Jolie’s new movie. She only has eyes for “very skinny” Australian men”

  1. September 13, 2013 at 6:47 am #

    Skinny is the new black!

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