Russian Teens Fined for Erotic Strip Grad Party




CHITA, August 20 (RIA Novosti) – A court in Russia’s east Siberia fined two teenagers 3,000 rubles ($91) each for organizing a high school graduation party in a night club with erotic contests and 13-year-old go-go dancers, the local prosecutor’s office said Tuesday.

“Nineteen-year-olds Maxim Misyura and Yury Kulakov were found guilty of… distributing information among children that is detrimental to their health and development,” the Zabaikalsky Region Prosecutor’s Office said in a statement.

According to prosecutors, the two teenagers in the city of Chita organized a party on May 25 for some 150 underage students in a local night club, to celebrate the so-called “Final Bell” for graduating from school

The party, attended by local students as young as age 13 and led by a 17-year-old MC, included erotic contests such as “who collects most bras from the audience” and featured two 13-year-old go-go dancers, who were hired by the organizers via a social website.

The MC was also fined 2,000 rubles ($60), while the teenage strip dancers received a court warning, prosecutors added.


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