Rich married city women spur demand for mobile erotic massage


A growing number of married city women regularly seek the services of erotic masseurs that also provide ‘happy endings’, The Nairobian can reveal.

Such massage was in the past associated men, but women now seem to be turning the tables. Our enquiries indicate that ‘mobile’ masseurs are the most popular as they can be called to the womens’ marital homes during the day or in hotel rooms. The men interviewed for this article all said they are professional masseurs but earn more by having sex with their clients. Nick, who is in his late 20s, says he has been in the business since last February and “I can’t complain”. Most of his clients are rich married women.

“I’ve got only four widows, and a couple of divorcees. The rest are married women,” he says.

He, however, says the key challenge in the job is that you can never know exactly what a woman wants. Some clients also have mood swings, so you really have to go slow to relieve her of the stress and see if she wants a ‘happy ending’. In short, one may enjoy the experience during one visit and detest the same during the next. Making the wrong assumption on whether a woman wants sex or not could be costly.

“A woman can moan and breathe heavily during a massage. The problem is you can’t tell if she wants a ‘happy ending’ or not. There are some women who keep quiet all through the massage and then when I have left, they send me a text calling me useless and good for nothing,” says Nick, who wishes her clients could be more open about their desires. .

Nick services only two women per day. He says three is the maximum he can massage.

“The problem isn’t even the sex, the problem lies in satisfying a client in all ways. It can get tiring,” he says, adding that demand has been so high that he now has to work on Saturdays.

“I go to church on Sunday then I visit my mother. I am very religious, mine is a job like any other,” he says.

The challenges that come with such a job, as Nick reveals that some clients develop feelings for him, further complicating his work. He gives an example of an incident mid last month when a client got angry at him.

“I was once with a client who after a very good massage, with a happy ending, told me to join her for dinner. So we were seated at the restaurant and I noticed one of my regular clients was also seated with somebody I thought was her husband and two children,” he says.

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2 Comments on “Rich married city women spur demand for mobile erotic massage”

  1. bwglynn
    September 5, 2013 at 11:46 pm #

    What’s good for the gander is good for the goose I suppose 🙂


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