The Rich Kids of Instagram


Instagram has brought us a lot of things: introducing the world to quinoa-adoring clean eaters, providing a banal meta narrative with the tag #instagram popping up in Australia as one of the most popular; creating words that literally don’t mean anything like #instagood and #instamood, while allowing us to monitor Lena Dunham‘s every documented move. We’re all better for it, right?

Cashed up folk who see their glittering lives through #Valencia filtered glasses have been made fun of on the internet for a while now, much to their paradoxical delight. Analysing their extravagant, vanity fueled existence has become a sport taken to by the masses over at Rich Kids Of Instagram, because hating on people who flaunt their affluence is extremely satisfying, and are these people even real anyway, how did they become so evenly rich and stupid, etc.

The money-happy kids who regularly treat their dogs to champagne showers, who explicitly understand that three Rolexes are better than one; who travel exclusively by helicopter and who suffer from the peculiar condition of American-express induced orgasm have landed themselves a reality TV show. On the 10 year anniversary of The O.C, we’re reminded of humbler times, when sixteen year-old’s only had one S.U.V each and their pristine plates passed before them without being filed away in to permanent filter-doused nostalgia; a relatively simple life that contrasts garishly to Rich Kids Of Beverley Hills, the show that has plucked its stars from the tumblr that made them noticed, indulging their egotism by making them IRL famous.

The show describes itself as “a new unscripted series that revolves around a group of 20-something friends living in a world of extreme wealth who caught notice on Instagram.” Ugh, where’s a fucking paper bag when you need one?


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