Women’s Erotica Pulls in Big Money


Erotica for women has emerged as a major new money spinner for the European porn industry, with German sex products group Beate Uhse AG unveiling plans Monday to draw in more female customers.

“The market has undergone a complete change in recent years,” Beate Uhse board member Erwin Cok told the group’s annual shareholders’ meeting in Flensburg on the German border with Denmark.

In addition to announcing plans to revamp its catalogue along the lines of a woman’s magazine, the company unveiled a new red-pink logo consisting of swirls and hearts.

The moves follow the launch of the group’s new slogan: Sex up your life.

“We have talked for months with a lot of women,” said company spokeswoman Doreen Schink. They want “to be addressed in a loving, tongue-in-cheek way.”

More than 80 per cent of the group’s products are already developed for women, who represent about 60 per cent of its customers.

After launching what it claims to be the world’s first sex shop six decades ago in Flensburg, Beate Uhse now has operations in 15 European countries.

The group also became Europe’s first so-called erotic stock when it was listed on the German share market in 1999. But since then the company’s investors have been on something of a roller coaster ride.

After a strong start following the stock market listing, the shares fell sharply as the company struggled to compete with the growing internet sex business.

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