Sherlyn Chopra: The Playboy cover made me free spirited!



The controversial babe talks about her stint with the international magazine, her erotic film Kamasutra 3D , love, sex and everything in between in an exclusive chat with BollywoodLife

She’s is the first Indian woman to have posed nude for the Playboy cover. Sherlyn Chopra is now excited about her next erotic adventure, the film Kamasutra 3D. We caught up with the uninhibited and uncensored sex siren on a rainy afternoon in Mumbai…..

What is Sherlyn Chopra doing these days?

I am preparing to shoot for my epic movie Kamasutra 3D and also enjoying the tremendous response I am getting for my debut television stint, MTV Splitsvilla. There’s something more I am working on which I will discuss once it’s done.

One needs to have a fabulous body and the willingness to show it off to be a Playboy playmate; what more do you need to have be on the Playboy cover?

You have to have the money to buy a ticket to fly to the Playboy mansion. Do you have the money?

I don’t believe that you shelled out money from your own pocket to fly to the US….

Oh yes, I did! What else does one need to be on the Playboy cover? You need have faith in yourself. I wrote a letter to Hugh Hefner and expressed my interest to shoot for Playboy magazine. I did not say that I want to do any shoot with Playboy. I was very specific that I wanted to shoot for the Playboy cover and not for the inside pages or for any other Playboy shoot.

We hear that you received a handwritten letter from Hugh Hefner…

Yes, I have that letter with me even today and soon I am going to laminate it. (Shooting for the Playboy and meeting Hefner) was undoubtedly the best phase of my life.

Does thinking about that phase make you emotional?

Yes, it does. When I returned after my Playboy assignment, what happened around me, woh sab ummeed se dugna tha. Aur kaafi unexpected tha. I did not realise that the Playboy assignment would change me.

How has the stint with Playboy changed you?

I have become free-spirited, which I was not earlier. Aaj jo bolna chahati hoon, who main bolti hoon – yeh nahi sochti ki bolungi toh uska kya anjaam ho sakta hain. I have become an open book now.

Were there any inhibitions before dropping clothes for Playboy?

Before the body make-up or after it?


Well, after the body make-up I felt like I was a super-woman who could do anything! When you have a brand new Jaguar car, do you hesitate to show it off? Toh kuch waisa hee haal tha mera.

We hear that Playboy was not happy with your shoot so the cover was not released and therefore you were not invited to the Playboy lifestyle party. Is that right?

Nobody has seen the cover in India because it is not released yet. Inshallah yeah year end tak release ho jaaye. And as far as the Playboy lifestyle party is concerned, let me inform you that Playboy magazine and Playboy Lifestyle are the two different verticals.

An A-list Bollywood diva said in a recent interview that Indian women are not suited to don a bikini. Do you agree?

One can’t jump into the water without a bikini. If not a bikini, what else? Grandma chaddis?

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One Comment on “Sherlyn Chopra: The Playboy cover made me free spirited!”

  1. bwglynn
    September 4, 2013 at 12:22 am #

    I have a fair leaning towards Indian women and Arabs too… Hmmm I’d like to see this cover. 🙂

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