Uma Thurman Shows off ‘Whoring Bed’ in ‘Nymphomaniac’


BERLINUma Thurman appears to have gotten religion in the new sneak peek video promoting Lars von Trier’s upcoming erotic epic Nymphomaniac.

In the new video posted to the official Nymphomaniac website Friday, Thurman, in dour dress, appears to be chastising the film’s titular character, the self-diagnosed nymphomaniac Joe, played by Stacy Martin in the early chapters of the story and by Charlotte Gainsbourg in later bits, for sleeping with her husband.

“Shall we show the children the whoring bed?” Thurman’s character, known only as Mrs. H, asks the young Joe, before leading her three young sons to the bedroom where she states, deadpan “so this is where it all happened.”

The latest clip, the third in von Trier’s slow reveal of Nymphomaniac, suggests the film will be as dark as it is sexy. A previous clip, featuring Shia LaBeouf as a creepy, British-accented office manager who traps the young Joe in an elevator, also hit a distinctly sour note.

Over the coming months, von Trier has promised to give fans sneak peeks at each of the eight chapters of his epic, which will be released as two feature-length films: Nymphomaniac volumes I and II, in both hard-core and soft-core versions.
‘Nymphomaniac’: ‘Jerome’ Clip 

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