Drawing dicks on the Herald Sun facing Facebook ban


Proud veterans of upholding the true Australian spirit and champions of phallic obstructions on otherwise vanilla newspaper spreads, Drawing Dicks On The Herald Sun, faced a brief hiatus from bestowing jizzed up creations to the world, tainting sensibilities in the most ingenious fashion, after Facebook requested that the legends ‘clean up’ their page. Honestly, the nerve of some people: afraid of harmless Pen15, semen dripping inspired art construed over politicians. Ugh.

Drawing Dicks On The Herald Sun posted to their loyal fanbase last night:

We are back! After a week hiatus due to a ‘clean up’ requested by facebook,to keep our account in good standings, we will be up and running at full swing this week. We apologise to those who suffered DDOTHS withdrawals. Unfortunately we aren’t sure how long we have left, with the possibility of a permanent ban looming, but over the next couple of weeks we should have some good news to keep the art of DDOTHS alive. Until then, keep them dicks coming…”

Like one commenter on the post who passionately declared, “They may take our lives… but they can never take our FORESKINS!”, an impending DDOHS ban would likely be responsible for a veritable outcry. Responses would surely include: does freedom of speech mean nothing anymore, Honi Soit kind of did the same thing so why can’t we, are we now under a dicktatorship, etc.

In the meantime, keep your hopes up that the Drawing Dicks On The Herald Sun documentary actually happens, save every DDOTHS relic on to your hard drive before Zuckerberg kills it, and take advantage of this week’s newspapers that will be dominated by pre-election drama, and create your own versions of the Prime Minister Erect and Bony Abbott:


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