Sunstone Erotic Comic Counts 20 Million Views


Will erotic graphic novels find the same blockbuster success as eBook erotica?

A husband and wife team serialized a not safe for work (NSFW) comic called Sunstone on deviantART and the complete collection of artwork earned more than 20 million views from dedicated readers.

Witchblade and Savage Tales illustrator Stjepan Sejic (nebezial on DeviantART) teamed up with his wife and writer, Linda Luksic Sejic (sigeel), to create the ongoing graphic novel. You can see some of the creators’ eye-popping audience statistics at this link.

The project has expanded with millions of views and thousands of dedicated fans. Read more about the series in this Depth Radius feature. Here’s an excerpt, as Sejic explained why he started the series:

For about six to seven years I have been working in the comic industry, and over this time I was doing monthly comics. Now, no matter how much you might love what you do, repeat it long enough and some of your enthusiasm will die. And so about a year ago I hit an artistic burnout. Problem was the fact that I was drawing other people’s stories … I turned to my wife and said, I’ll make an alternate account and start posing fetishistic BDSM pics. Oh have no delusions, this whole Sunstonething was not a planned event. This was supposed to be simple; a change of pace; a reset.

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