In the shower with naked Lindsay!

 Lohan strips off for erotic thriller flop
WHEN in doubt over a flagging Hollywood career, two things work wonders – stripping off or playing a mental patient.

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Needless to say, busty Lindsay Lohan has opted for the former, shedding her clothes faster than you can say ‘DUI’.

And the redhead actress can be seen in all her naked glory in new flick The Canyons.

Not only does the 27-year flaunt her birthday suit in the shower, but she can also be seen enjoying a topless four-way fondle at a nightclub, puckering up for a girl-on-girl kiss, and lying back legs akimbo with a male co-star between her thighs. As you do.

The new role is a far cry from the innocence of Mean Girls

The Mean Girls legend, who confessed to Oprah Winfrey in a new interview that she is her own “worst enemy”, stars alongside porn star James Deen in her latest silver screen venture.

But despite what was meant to be an epic comeback following more rehab stints than IMDB credits, LiLo’s latest efforts brought in a measly $30,000 at the US box office on opening weekend.

The erotic thriller tells the tale of a rich kid-turned-wannabe producer, who seeks bloody revenge when he learns of an affair between his girlfriend and the leading man in his film project.

Lindsay embraces her feminine curves alongside porn star James Deen Lindsay embraces her feminine curves alongside porn star James Deen

LiLo appears to have a four-way fondle in the film

Paul Schrader, who wrote Martin Scorsese classics Raging Bull and Taxi Driver, is the man behind the lens.

And speaking of his prima donna protagonist, Paul said: “Lindsay lives in an atmosphere of chaos.

“It just seems to be part of her make-up and if there isn’t chaos, somehow there becomes chaos. It’s exhausting to be around her. It’s exhausting for her.”

He added: “Her primary problem is reliability… It’s not lack of talent or lack of charisma. It’s lack of reliability.”

Now we know.

The Canyons only took $30,000 at the box office on opening weekend

LiLo seems to be indulging in a girl-on-girl frolic

Daily Star

By Nadia Mendoza/Published 13th August 2013

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