Blue Is the Warmest Color


Based on the cult graphic novel by Julie Maroh, Abdellatif Kechiche‘s film Blue Is The Warmest Colour has been rippling the appetites of film critics (and opposing prude haters) since its historic victory at Cannes this year, securing the Palme D’Or for best director and best actress—the first instance in the award’s history.

 The French bildungsroman follows the story of Adèle (Adèle Exarchopoulos), a fifteen year old girl who embarks on a romance with the mysterious Emma (Léa Seydoux), much to the disdain of her homophobic peers. Its an ambitious three hours long, causing controversy for its highly explicit and lengthy sex scenes, with the graphic novel’s author Julie Maroh critcising the scenes and likening them to porn. However, with every poor reviewer shocked by its blatant, raw portrait of teenage sexuality, the film has been inundated with unprecedented glowing reviews: the UK’s Daily Telegraph described it as “It is an extraordinary, prolonged popping-candy explosion of pleasure, sadness, anger, lust and hope“; the New York Observer declared it “nothing short of a triumph” and “a major sexual awakening“.
It’s far too rare that we’re delivered honest, intimate films that highlight LGBTI culture that reach the attention of the mainstream eye. Unfortunately, due to some strict rules about its release date, Blue Is The Warmest Colour won’t be eligible for the Foreign Film Award at the Academy Awards, and subsequently won’t follow in the footsteps of Michael Hanneke‘s Amour, the only film to win the Palme D’or and Foreign Film Academy Award alike.
Get a glimpse into the stellar performances and incredible storytelling below; be warned that the trailer is completely in French without english subtitles, however you can try out YouTube’s always hilarious caption translation to get a bit more of a skin-deep gist below, reading contextually misplaced phrases like “Go great in the pocket” and “Samsung in France.”

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