Children’s Centre Closed Due To Sexy After Hours Swinging Party

Understandable outrage has ensued after details of the most poorly chosen location for a sex party—at a children’s play centre—have been released.
Owners of the children’s centre have disgusted parents with their Craigslist advertisement featuring raunchy, nude photos of themselves—posted for a party planned to be held last Saturday. The couple decided to not-so-modestly advertise that “this sexy couple” were seeking other, similarly sexy couples (single men not allowed! Don’t be gross!) for a very sexy sex party at their “venue” (“not a house”).
They pointed out that they were “very new to the scene” (oh really?) and promised a “laser light show, fog machines, great sound system, games and giant ball pit and jumping castle.” Mmmmm, toddler’s jumping castles. Sexy. I’m not sure what kind of night-club cum brothel of a childcare centre these people are running, but if it weren’t for the inevitable crayon drawings lining the walls and a distinct toddler inspired decorations, maybe this would be a really awesome time. Nah, probably not.A mother who had organised her son’s birthday celebrations to be held at the centre on the same day was clearly grossed out upon hearing the news, providing a foul mental image, “’This is so morally wrong, not to mention unhygienic.” Another mother, who must have skimped on sex education, said: “My son is one, he puts balls in his mouth and everything, god knows what STDs could be in there.”

Via The Age.

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