Beautiful Agony


Beautiful Agony, the faces of pleasure

Beautiful Agony. The Faces of Pleasure.  Warning, there is no nudity on tis site, only the faces of the people masturbating, down to the shoulders. So, how can it be so sexy? Well, just have a look at the videos below. Watching someone performing a very intimate act so naturally, openly and sincerely, is a real turn on. You can see all the little mimics, the expression of pleasure in their eyes and their body shiver. Some of them scream, others tremble. I like that it looks like orgasm always comes as a surprise. We’ve all experienced it and yet, it always surprises us how good it is.

I think many of us crave seeing reality in porn. And well, technically, this isn’t porn. Still, we’ve all seen so many times the clichés of mainstream porn that I feel we need a great dosis of real sex.

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