Weirdo-psycho-sexual-weird fuckers

It is the damnable duality of you at once being a dream, and at the same time being a reality, that has me captivated – I cannot escape you in either world I occupy. Apart from being very erotic, which is wonderful, it’s your brutal honesty and courage that I am addicted to. It is the weirdos and the rejection (which I’m sure you have bucket loads of both) that I would not have the courage to face. Adoring crowds – well who doesn’t love that? But rejection, malice, hatred, weirdo-psycho-sexual-weird fuckers leering at my body (Ha! I wish!), it is that side of me I don’t have the courage to face. That’s what you do. You make it OK to be in your own skin – regardless of the opinions of others, yours is the only opinion that counts. In the end, there is only you. And THAT is why I’m addicted to Missy Jubilee – whoever she is. What you do IS art, but oh, so much more, and SO much deeper, to me. Thank you again, and thank your husband, whom I assume is the cameraman for most of what I see – lucky SOB…
Bernie, the points you raise are very interesting and pertinent. My solution to the rejection, malice and hatred is……..not giving a flying duck of a fuck.Try it some time. It’s very liberating.
Personal criticism is just jealousy from lazy people because all the activity makes them look bad. The only criticism I’m concerned about is professional criticism, such as the following….
1. It’s boring
2. It’s been done before
Luckily, by following the script of my life, I can effectively avoid those two, because…..
1. my life has not been boring, so if I fail to transfer it’s non-boringness to the screen, then I have failed as a film maker, and I should get all the criticism I deserve. But they’d have to get in line with their rocks and stones and pitchforks behind me because no-one would criticise me more than I would criticise myself. I am the Mike Tyson of beating myself up.
2. my life hasn’t been put to film, so criticism no. 2 is moot, unless Steven Spielberg has a secret Missy project in development that I don’t know about. And if he has, where the fuck did he get the backstory. I can’t even remember it all.
p.s. yes, he is a lucky SOB, but I am a lucky DOB (daughter ‘o’ bitch).
My little project has the best cinematographer in the business working on it for free. Do you know how much that motherfucker would cost me if I wasn’t married to him?

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