Mutton dressed as Lamb. Really


Breakfast radio host Lisa Fernandez is concerned the provocative outfits on her daughter’s Barbie dolls will encourage the three-year-old to dress inappropriately when she grows up.

And she’s gone all out to try to prevent that happening.

After being told by her daughter that she should dress like Barbie, Fernandez decided to make the offending outfits into life-size clothes to demonstrate how absurd they would look on a real person.

“She held it up and said ‘Mummy, look how beautiful my Barbie is! You should dress like Barbie and you can be beautiful too’,” the 92.9 host said.

“I said ‘honey, would you like mummy to look like Barbie?’ and she said ‘Yes’ and I said ‘OK honey, I will’.

“I thought it would be an interesting social experiment.”

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