To tell or not to tell


So you have been best friends since school, you’ve laughed, cried and ridden this rollercoaster called life together.  It feels like there’s nothing you haven’t pulled each other out of or through.

So what do you do if you find out that a friend is being cheated on?

Melinda Capel, 36, a stay at home mum from Sydney’s Lindfield, faced this very dilemma.

Melinda and Stephanie* met on their first day at high school.  They travelled together, Stephanie was Melinda’s bridesmaid and godmother to her first child.


Two years ago, Melinda accidently caught Stephanie’s fiancé cheating on her.

“I went to drop some stuff to Steph’s while she was at work, her fiancé worked from home and we would all hang out regularly,” says Melinda.

“As I was pulling up to their house, I noticed a brunette leaving, I thought nothing of it because he would often see clients at home, next thing, they were wrapped around each other kissing on the front steps,” says Capel.

“I waited till she drove away, walked up to the front door and knocked, I heard him say “Baby did you forget something?”, as he sashayed to the door and froze, I acted like I didn’t hear him, dropped the stuff and left.

“For weeks I drove past Steph’s house looking for that car, some days it would be there and others not. I was beside myself with guilt and the decision of whether to tell her or not,” says Capel.

“Two months passed, I decided I needed solid proof, everyday I would drive by waiting to see her car, I needed to catch them red handed and sure enough, I finally did!

“I saw her car, parked mine, rang the bell and he came to the door, saying he was busy with a client, so I pushed my way in and found the same brunette half naked on the couch. A huge argument erupted and I gave him two weeks to tell Steph or I would,” laments Capel.

“The two weeks passed and Steph still had no idea, I just kept wondering what to do. Ultimately I put myself in her place and asked myself if the situation were reversed, would I want her to tell me? I then knew what I needed to do and when the two weeks passed I took Steph out to lunch and told her,” confessed Capel.

“She went ballistic, accusing me of trying to ruin her life, she ignored my texts and calls and blocked me on Facebook. I was truly devastated, I told her because I love her and didn’t want to see her get hurt.

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